Octavia Spencer Mourns the Loss of Her Nephew in Heartbreaking Post

Octavia Spencer
Gabe Ginsberg/WireImage

The Oscar winner posted an emotional message to Instagram on Tuesday sharing the sad news.

Octavia Spencer is in mourning. The Oscar-winning actress took to Instagram on Tuesday to share the tragic news of a death in her family.

"Grief. You wouldn’t know it by this picture that today was the second worst day of my life," Spencer, 52, wrote alongside her somber snapshot showing an arrangement of pink flowers in a jar in front of a painting.

"My family lost the first of the next generation of us, and we’re gutted," She continued. "Grief is the most terrifying of emotions because I can’t laugh my way out of it. I have to feel."

Spencer wrote that she is "feeling for my sister who lost her only son. Her only child."

Spencer concluded her post asking for prayers from her followers, sharing, "If you’re praying people, pray for her and my brother in law."

The news comes just six days after Spencer celebrated her birthday, and said in a previous post that the occasion was "bittersweet," and lamented the prevalence of "apathy" toward tragedies in the nation. Spencer shared a powerful message supporting the need for gun control legislation following the mass shootings in Texas and New York earlier this month.