O.J. Simpson Weighs in on Alex Murdaugh Trial, Calls Him a 'Habitual Liar'

Simpson took to Twitter on Thursday to share his thoughts on the ongoing Murdaugh murder case.

O.J. Simpson is putting in his two cents regarding the ongoing Alex Murdaugh murder trial, after being repeatedly asked by followers to weigh in.

Simpson -- who was acquitted of the double murder of his estranged wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, in 1995 -- took to Twitter on Thursday to share his thoughts on the Murdaugh trial.

"A whole lot of people are asking me what I think about this Alex Murdaugh trial. I don't know why they think I'm an expert on it," Simpson says with a chuckle in the video. "But I gotta admit, when he took the stand, the guy who's a habitual liar, I did watch. When the trial first started, I watched him take the stand, and I thought it was a mistake because the guy is an admitted liar."

Simpson says he feels it's going to be hard for Murdaugh to testify for long without lying, but that the real question is, "What did he lie about?"

Simpson also stresses that "lying and stealing money is a little different than murder."

He also suggests that Murdaugh's strategy on the stand was to try and appeal to some of the jurors, and "relate to one or two of the jurors that he's a good ol' boy, like one of them. And I'm not sure he didn't succeed in doing that."

"I am not qualified to really say if the guy did it or he didn’t do it," Simpson says. "But from what I’ve seen, do I think it’s more likely that he did it? Yes. But 'more likely' equals reasonable doubt. So, from what I know, I would have to say there's a lot of reasonable doubt there."

"He's going to go to jail for all the thievery he did, and stealing millions of dollars," Simpson states, before adding that even Murdaugh beats the charges in the criminal case, he might still face civil suits with regard to the murders.

While Simpson was acquitted of the murder charges in 1997, he was found liable for several other charges tied to the deaths, and ordered to pay $33.5 million in compensatory damages as well as punitive damages.

In 2007, he was arrested in Las Vegas for breaking into a hotel room to take sports memorabilia that he claimed had been first stolen from him. In October 2008, he was found guilty on 12 charges related to the incident and was sent to prison. He was released in October 2017.

As for Murdaugh, the 54-year-old South Carolina attorney faces 30 years to life in prison if he is convicted of either count of murder that he is charged with.

Investigators said his 22-year-old son, Paul, was shot twice with a shotgun and his 52-year-old wife, Maggie, was shot four or five times with a rifle outside dog kennels on their Colleton County property on June 7, 2021. The crime -- as well as several mysterious incidents surrounding the family that remain unsolved -- have been featured in multiple true-crime documentaries in the past two years.

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