Olivia Newton-John Talks ‘Agonizing’ Second Battle With Cancer: ‘I Couldn’t Walk a Month Ago’

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Olivia Newton John is opening up about the “agonizing” pain of her second battle with cancer, a diagnosis which left her unable to walk just weeks ago.

In May, the 68-year-old singer and actress -- who underwent chemotherapy and a partial mastectomy while fighting breast cancer in 1992 -- revealed that what she thought was back pain was in fact breast cancer that had spread to her lower spine.

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“I need to get through this,” she told Australia's 60 Minutes about the diagnosis, which made her “skid to a very quick halt.” “I have lots to do, but of course, it's scary. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't scary. It was, but I felt very sure that I would get through.”

“The pain level was really the hardest thing,” added Newton-John, who underwent herbal and photon radiation therapies and has been using medical marijuana grown by her husband, John, to cope with the pain. “I was trying to do shows and it was pretty agonizing.”

The Grease icon added that her latest fight against the disease has reduced her immobility.

“I can walk, but I can't go long distances,” she revealed during the televised interview. “But I'll get there, because I couldn't walk at all a month or so ago. As I heal I'll be able to walk more.”

While breaking news of the relapse to her husband and her daughter, Chloe, was one of the hardest parts of the journey, Newton-John said she delivered the news “in a positive way,” and is now focused on getting back to good health.

“It's probably something I'll deal with the rest of my life,” she said. “But I will and I'll be fine and there have been a lot of women, who have had reoccurrences, and continue on with their lives to be old ladies. That's my vision.”

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As for how she stays upbeat after all the battles she has faced in life, the star said love and support from the public have “kept me up,” and she has zero complaints about the cards life has dealt to her.

“I've had and I'm having an amazing life,” she said. “So I have no complaints. I really don't ... everyone goes through something. We all have something we need to go through in life and this has been my challenge.”

See more on the Australian actress' illness in the video below.