'One Day at a Time' Sneak Peek: Watch Penelope and Schneider Face Off Over Money! (Exclusive)

On Tuesday's new episode, the longtime friends throw down over Penelope's 'scarcity mindset.'

Tuesday's all-new One Day at a Time is getting heated!

While money has always been a source of conflict between unlikely BFFs Penelope (Justina Machado) and Schneider (Todd Grinnell), ET's exclusive clip of next week's episode shows the issue hitting a boiling point.

After Penelope makes a scene about happy hour prices while the family is out to dinner with Alex's (Marcel Ruiz) new girlfriend for the first time, Schneider confronts her, sliding out from under the "janky" couch he's trying to fix because she's "too cheap to buy a new one."

"C'mon, Pen, you're making that sweet nurse practitioner money now!" he insists, trying to persuade her to be a little more easygoing with her finances.

"Yeah, but I still have to be careful how I spend it!" she fires back. "You think MC Hammer thought he was gonna go broke? He had the biggest pants, and now he's got nothing to put in them!"

Check out the full clip above for Schneider's take on Penelope's "scarcity mindset" -- and her resulting impression of his free-spending ways.

One Day at a Time returned this week on Pop TV after being canceled by Netflix following its third season. When ET's Deidre Behar visited the set of the fan-favorite family sitcom earlier this year, executive producer Gloria Calderon Kellett opened up about changing formats -- after dropping three bingeable seasons on streaming, One Day at a Time is now airing episodes weekly -- and the storylines in store for season 4

"The amount of stories we have for this family are endless. [The new format] does allow us to be a little more topical in terms of what's going to be happening this year," she explained. "So this is Elena's (Isabella Gomez) senior year, Alex is a sophomore. We're gearing up to the 2020 election; we are doing a really interesting episode talking about this election and what it means to this family. That's going to be a really special episode. We're really, really excited about that one."

A major benefit of the new format, Calderon Kellett noted, is the ability to let fans digest one half-hour at a time, rather than consuming an entire season. 

"It lets them breathe a little bit. It lets each episode sort of stand on its own. And, you know, we really interact with our fans. We love our fans, on Twitter, on Instagram, so to be able to talk to them about each episode individually, it's more what Norman [Lear] did. And it's really more how you sort of break into culture a little bit more."

One Day at a Time airs Tuesdays at 9:30 pm PT/ET on Pop TV.

See more from the upcoming season in the video below!