Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King Celebrate Nischelle Turner's History-Making Role at ET

The group chatted on the first-ever live edition of the OG Chronicles.

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are celebrating ET's Nischelle Turner! The BFFs took a moment to acknowledge Turner's history-making appointment as Entertainment Tonight co-host when she stopped by OG Chronicles last week. 

Turner -- who co-hosts the show alongside Kevin Frazier -- is the first Black woman to anchor the nightly broadcast in ET's 40-year history. 

"That deserves a round of applause!" Winfrey said on OG Chronicles. "So well deserved!" 

"Well deserved," King agreed. "This is not just a job. You earned it!" 

As Winfrey noted, she's been an ET viewer since it first premiered. "Gayle and I were in those Mary Hart years... so when you received this deserved honor, [it] acknowledged all the women who came before you as also significant," she shared. "Because I often say, 'There wouldn't have been a me had there not been a Phil Donahue." 

"And there wouldn't have been a me without the two of you," Turner gushed. "I appreciate that more than you would ever, ever know." 

Winfrey and King hosted the first-ever live edition of the OG Chronicles over Zoom on Thursday, gathering virtually with friends and fans to discuss the newly launched Oprah Daily, as well as other topics like Winfrey's love of baths, King's go-to pick-up line and why Winfrey says being called "full of yourself" is a compliment.

While O Magazine will now just be publishing quarterly, fans can sign up to be Winfrey insiders at OprahDaily.com to stay connected and be a part of the next OG Chronicles.

Tune into ET on Monday for more from Winfrey and King's chat with Turner. Check your local listings here.