Oprah Winfrey & Gayle King Share Which Celeb They'd Want to Quarantine With -- Their Picks Will Surprise You

The two besties reunited on the 'O, The Oprah Magazine' Instagram for a live interview.

Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are together again -- via video chat!

The longtime best friends reunited for a special Instagram Live edition of their "OG Chronicles" segment on the O, The Oprah Magazine Instagram on Friday, where they chatted about the current COVID-19 pandemic, how they're coping at home, and which celebrity they would love to be quarantined with.

"Bradley Cooper, yeah," Winfrey chimed in. "Bradley and I are good friends and we have really good conversations over texts, we have good conversations over the phone. When we're together, we have great conversations. So, Bradley Cooper."

As for King, well, she had two possible celebs. "I would choose The Rock if he wasn't married. But since he is married, that's a non-starter," King said. "But I told you about the interview that I did with Maluma the other day? Maluma, that Latin sensation?"

"It's not a boy, girlfriend kind of thing, but I found him so charming and so endearing and so smart, different than other kids in his class," she continued. "He invited me to Colombia and you know I've always wanted to learn Spanish. So I think quarantining with him and just getting to know him and learn the language, I think would be great. He was a really, really, nice guy. I liked him."

Winfrey then added, "And for me, Bradley, it's not a boy/girl thing either…No disrespect to Stedman [Graham]. He's just so fantastic to talk to."

The two gal-pals also talked about being stuck at home and Winfrey not loving her gray hairs. The media mogul said she did not have any advice on how to embrace the lighter strands.

"I've had a lot of people tell me to embrace the gray, I'm not ready to do that," Winfrey confessed. "Stedman has embraced his gray… I haven't embraced the gray so I wouldn't be the person to advise anyone on that."

"I have a lot of people who haven't seen their grays in years and their husbands are doing their hair," she noted.

As for King, she added: "I say embrace your gray if you want to embrace your gray."

The two also touched on Meghan Markle reading her son, Archie, a book that Winfrey gave him on his birthday.

"I did like it though, Oprah, when I saw Meghan read the story to Archie the other day and I saw Archie's Book Club," King told her friend. "I thought that was so cute."

Winfrey then replied, "It's my standard baby gift for people I really care about... I think I probably gave Archie, 100, 150 books. Of course, Goodnight Moon is in there...all the traditionals."

Later, while giving advice on how to tell your partner that you need personal space during quarantine, Winfrey shared: "It is important to ask what you want...Being able to ask for the time that you need, that's what it means to be surrounded by people who care about you."

As for King, she did admit that, at least right now, she does wish she wasn't single.

"I have never minded being single, my life is full," she noted. "But times like this, I wish I had someone to share it with."

ET chatted with King last month, where she also touched on how tough it has been for her to be single amid the pandemic. See what she told ET in the video below.



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