Paris Hilton Speaks Out After Britney Spears' Comments About Her During Singer's Testimony

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Paris Hilton is speaking out after Britney Spears made comments about her during the singer's testimony.

During the latest episode of the This Is Paris podcast, the 40-year-old entrepreneur expressed that she knows Spears didn't mean her comments about her in a negative way. Hilton told guests Gigi Gorgeous and Nats Getty it was a "misunderstanding on the media's part."

"I know that she didn’t mean it in that way. She meant when she saw it, she couldn’t even believe it. What she said was, people hear that, ‘It’s Britney Spears’ [or] ‘It’s Paris Hilton. They have these perfect lives. Who is gonna believe [it]? I didn’t even believe Paris, who’s gonna believe me?’ That’s when she first watched it," Hilton explained. "I think it was just a misunderstanding on the media’s part."

Last month, while speaking to the court directly, Spears referenced Hilton's claims that she was verbally and physically abused at the Provo Canyon School when she was 17 years old. The "Stronger" singer seemingly brought up the allegations as a way to provide an example to the judge of why it's hard for celebrities to speak out publicly on difficult topics, out of fear of not being believed or taken seriously.

"The Paris Hilton story on what they did to her at that school, I didn't believe any of it," Spears claimed during her testimony. "I'm sorry… I'm an outsider and I'll just be honest, I didn't believe it. Maybe I'm wrong, and that's why I didn't want to say any of this to anybody, to the public, because people would make fun of me, or laugh at me and say, 'She's lying, she's got everything, she's Britney Spears.' I'm not lying."

"She did not mean it in that way, she was just using it as an example," Hilton expressed during her podcast, adding that she found it hard to listen to Spears' testimony. "It just broke my heart. Dealing with it as a teenager was hard, but I can’t imagine, still, as an adult, after working your entire life. … She’s built a huge empire. She’s a legend, she’s an icon, she’s a mother. She’s amazing and she has these people controlling her money, her life."

Hilton continued by noting, it's "so not fair but I’m so proud of her for speaking up and using her voice."

The DJ also shared a snippet from her podcast on Instagram and shared her support for Spears in the caption.

"I will always support and love Britney. She is so kind and sweet, and she deserves her freedom. I’ve been saying #FreeBritney for a long time, and I will keep saying it until she is free," Hilton wrote. "❤️ We all need to use our voices to protect victims of abuse. She is so incredibly brave and an inspiration for speaking her truth. I know personally how hard it is to come forward to tell your story, and so I hope Britney knows that she is so loved and supported by the world right now. ❤️👑 #FreeBritney."

Days after the hearing, Hilton declared "Free Britney" while performing a DJ set at the grand opening of Resorts World Las Vegas. Additionally, Kathy and Nicky Hilton also showed their support for Spears during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen following Spears' shocking statement.

"You should know we believe her," Nicky said. "Free Britney!"

As for Kathy, she noted that the Hilton family knew the pop star and called the singer a "sweet girl. And a good girl."

Since her testimony, Spears' manager, Larry Randolph, resigned after 25 years with the singer, while her lawyer, Samuel D. Ingham, also put in his resignation. Last week, a judge also approved Bessemer Trust's request to be removed as co-conservator of her estate.

For the latest on Spears' conservatorship, watch below.


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