Patricia Arquette Reveals She Was Joseph Gordon-Levitt's First Kiss

'I think he was about 12 years old.'

Patricia Arquette was the first to kiss a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

During her recent appearance on The Late Late Show, the 51-year-old actor revealed that she and Gordon-Levitt had to kiss for a scene in their 1994 flick, Holy Matrimony

"I think he was about 12 years old," she said of the now 38-year-old actor. "The story of the movie was, like, this Hutterite community and in that community his brother leaves and we do some crimes and get all this money. And then his brother dies and he hides the money somewhere. In that community if you're brother dies, you have to marry his wife."

"So I end up marrying a very young Joey Gordon Levitt," Arquette continued. "And we have to have a kiss. And his mom is like, 'This is his first kiss. He's nervous.' I'm like, 'I'm nervous! You think he's nervous?'"

Arquette also recalled going up to the young actor before the scene to reassure him that this wasn't his real first kiss.

"So I went up to him and I was just like, 'Hey. This is just pretend. This isn't really your first kiss either. You get to really have your own first real kiss,'" she said. "He was really like, 'It's fine. Don't worry.'"

Later in the interview, Arquette returned to the story to make sure everyone knew that the kiss she and Gordon-Levitt shared was a mere peck. "I do want to say that that kiss with Joey was very [short]," she said. "So I just want to clarify something."

Aside from recently appearing in the Netflix movie Otherhood, when ET caught up with Arquette in February she shared that starring on TV, rather than in movies, would be the future of her career.

"[TV] is the future and the past [for women]," she said at the time. "I still don't think it's like that in film, really. I guess it's slowly moving towards that a little bit… but the stories are getting richer now in television."

"A lot of actors can't afford to do these tiny movies and the movie business... movie theaters have closed, people want to watch things on cable," Arquette added. "Pirating is decimating people's work. That part of the business hasn't worked itself out right now. So you'll see more and more people moving into TV." 

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