Patricia Bosworth, Actress and Author, Dies at 86 Due to Coronavirus Complications

Patricia Bosworth NYC
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Rest in peace, Patricia Bosworth. 

The actress and author died on Thursday after suffering from pneumonia that was brought on by coronavirus, her stepdaughter, Fia Hatsav, told The New York Times on Friday. Bosworth was 86. 

Hatsav remembered Bosworth in a heartbreaking post on Facebook on Saturday. "This terrible virus has taken my Vibrant, talented, and loving Step- Mother, Patricia Bosworth," she began. "You may read about her in all the news articles... But to us she was Patti, and Grandma Patti."

"She was a humble, caring and compassionate person. She adopted us and we in return adopted her. She was part of our family, in every way. She loved my children, and treasured being their grandma, it meant everything to her," Hatsav added. 

Hatsav continued, noting Bosworth's "loving, caring and artistically collaborative" relationship with her late husband, Tom Plaumbo, and concluded with remarks on how "fiercely independent" Bosworth was in her final days. 

"It was so terribly difficult not to be with her in her last days, but the nurses and doctors said she was communicating to them with her mighty pen! I’m so proud of her bravery! I have been talking to her amazing friends, whom loved her so much! Many of them have adopted me now. I am filled with gratefulness for knowing Patti, and having her in my life," she said. 

As an actress, Bosworth starred in The Patty Duke Show, Kraft Theatre, Naked City and The Nun's Story. She was best known, however, for her biographies of fellow Hollywood stars like Montgomery Clint, Marlon Brando and Jane Fonda. Her most recent book was The Men in My Life: A Memoir of Love and Art in 1950s Manhattan.

Bosworth is one of several stars to have recently lost their life to coronavirus complications. See more in the video below. 


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