Patrick J. Adams Shares Meghan Markle's Reaction After Seeing Him Naked on Stage (Exclusive)

The actor, who will make his Broadway debut in 'Take Me Out,' recalls what his 'Suits' co-star thought of his last stage performance.

After a two-year delay, Patrick J. Adams will finally make his Broadway debut in a revival of Take Me Out. The Tony Award-winning play sees former Suits star portraying a professional baseball player unsure about his teammate’s decision to come out at the height of his career. It also will see him stripping down for the play’s infamous nude scenes, which are set inside the team’s locker room. 

While speaking to ET about the production, Adams opened up about the funny reaction his former co-star and friend, Meghan Markle, had about the first time the actor got naked on stage and whether she’s invited to this anticipated performance.   

Nearly a decade prior, during the first season of Suits, Adams appeared in the Los Angeles production of 9 Circles, which Markle saw at the time. “She certainly was at the play where I was naked and she had a good time making fun of me after,” he recalled. “So, maybe she’d like a repeat performance.” 

Joking aside, Adams said that she’ll certainly get an invitation to Take Me Out. “I would love for Meghan to come and enjoy the show. I’ll send her an invite for sure,” he continued.  

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His comments about the Duchess of Sussex come after he revealed in the fall of 2020 that the two have remained in touch

“We've texted a few times. We both started families at roughly the same time, obviously her family has been a relatively high-profile one, but I'm super happy to have her back on this side of the water,” the actor said, referring to her move to Santa Barbara, California, with husband Prince Harry and their son, Archie. (Markle has since given birth to Lilibet and it was around the same time that Adams revealed he and Troian Bellisario welcomed their second child.)

At the time, Adams also said he would “love” to coordinate a play date with Archie and his daughter, Aurora. “I leave that in Meghan’s court,” he said. “She's incredibly busy, so hopefully time will allow, but I'm proud of everything they're doing. I think it's pretty great.”

Now that Adams is making his Broadway debut in such a powerful play, Markle may be proud of him as well. 

Written by playwright Richard Greenberg, Take Me Out explores what would happen if a professional baseball player came out today while also tackling themes of prejudice, race and homophobia. While some athletes in other major sports have come out since the play first debuted on stage in 2002, the revival directed by Scott Ellis hasn’t changed that much in the two decades since.

And that’s what makes it even more relevant now. “We’re drawing attention to the fact that even though this play is 20 years old, we’re basically still in the same circumstance,” Adams said.  

Performances of Take Me Out begin March 10, 2022 at the Hayes Theater in New York City.