Patrick Stewart Reunites With Whoopi Goldberg in 'Star Trek: Picard' Season 2 Trailer

Goldberg returns as Guinan in the new season of the Paramount+ series.

Days after announcing a return date, Paramount+ dropped the official trailer for season 2 of Star Trek: Picard on Friday. It's also the first time viewers see Whoopi Goldberg reprising her Star Trek: The Next Generation role as Guinan, marking a reunion with Patrick Stewart.

Launching March 3, the anticipated new season takes the legendary Jean-Luc Picard (Stewart) and his crew on a bold and exciting new journey: into the past. Picard must recruit friends both old and new to confront the perils of 21st century Earth in a desperate race against time to save the galaxy’s future -- and face the ultimate trial from one of his greatest foes. 

In the two-minute trailer, Picard is beamed back into the past where he's unexpectedly reunited with Q (John de Lancie). "Well, hello my friend," Q greets Picard.

"What is this? What have you done?" Picard asks, befuddled by the new reality he finds himself in.

"Welcome to the road not taken," Q eerily tees up.

Meanwhile, Picard's crew is figuring out how time and reality has snapped, quite literally, in half and what its permanent impact will be. But Picard knows someone who may be able to offer clarity on how to adapt or return to what was -- Goldberg's Guinan.

Nicole Wilder/Paramount+

"Your answers are not in the stars," Guinan says when they sit down to discuss what's going on. "And they never have been."

Later, as Guinan and Picard catch up over a cup of earl grey tea, she foreshadows: "I believe you have one final frontier yet to come." Watch the official trailer below.

Joining Stewart in the cast are Alison Pill, Jeri Ryan, Michelle Hurd, Evan Evagora, Orla Brady, Isa Briones, Santiago Cabrera and Brent Spiner, as well as Annie Wersching and special guest stars Goldberg and de Lancie.

Star Trek: Picard, which is currently filming season 3, premieres Thursday, March 3 on Paramount+. For more, watch below.

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