Paula Abdul Weighs in on ‘Incredible’ New 'American Idol' Judges (Exclusive)

ET grilled the former 'American Idol' star on what she thinks about the reboot's new judges.

With just three months to go until American Idol makes its return, original judge Paula Abdul is weighing in on the ABC reboot’s new judges.

ET’s Keltie Knight caught up with the 55-year-old singer on the set of Fresh Off the Boat, where she praised Idol’s new lineup, comprised of Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

 “These guys are vets and incredible at what they do” says Abdul, who spent eight seasons judging wannabe stars on the hit singing competition series. “They don't need any advice. They're probably having a blast, working hard. I love them all.”

“I got a chance to work with Lionel and he's just a treasure,” she adds. “I love Katy too and I've never met Luke, but I'm a big fan and I'm looking forward to it."

While Abdul may not be returning to the show herself, fans can catch her on Tuesday’s Christmas episode of Fresh Off the Boat and ET was on set as she filmed her cameo, which involved her singing “12 Days of Christmas.”

“I shot a pilot with NBC with the same production group and I got asked to come make a guest appearance on the show,” Abdul explains about the cameo. “I love the show. It's such a fun show. The cast is wonderful and the crew is great.”

“I [play] a theater arts, visual arts coordinator who's been brought in to help the Christmas carolers do their thing, and of course, right away, I get dropped,” she continues. “But I'm whipping them into shape and it’s fun! I'm a little quirky, but nice.”

With Christmas fast approaching, the singer -- who is working on touring again after having a blast on her recent run with New Kids on the Block -- also dished on her most memorable Christmas present.

“The best gift I've ever received was Gene Kelly signing an Annie Leibovitz portrait of the two of us in his backyard under an umbrella dancing in the rain,” Abdul recalls. “It was awesome. Best gift ever.”

One celeb pal who definitely hasn’t showered her with memorable gifts? Former Idol co-star Simon Cowell!

“Nothing from Simon Cowell,” she says. “Never! Not a card. Never, nothing. Birthdays, anniversaries of the show, wrapping the season -- no.”

See Abdul talk more about Idol in the video below.


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