Peter Kraus Reveals Why He's Not on 'Bachelor Winter Games' (Exclusive)

The personal trainer sat down with ET on Tuesday, where he also opened up about his future in more reality television.

The Bachelor Winter Games is almost upon us -- without Peter Kraus. 

Fans were looking forward to seeing the Bachelorette alum get a second chance at finding love -- especially when Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss tweeted in October that he would be appearing on the franchise's latest spinoff. By December, the cast had headed to Manchester, Vermont, to film the series, with no Kraus in sight. 

So what happened? ET's Lauren Zima sat down with the personal trainer in New York City on Tuesday to find out. 

"They didn't choose me to be on Winter Games," Kraus explained, adding that Fleiss "has said a lot of things through his Twitter over time that are maybe pushing a little bit or misleading in certain ways." "I think it's just him trying to get to know the audience [and] figure out what he personally wants to do with the show." 

"[Winter Games] was offered at one point, kind of like The Bachelor thing, 'Is this something that you'd be interested in?' And I actually said, 'Yeah, I'd probably be interested in Winter Games. It sounds like fun,'" he continued. "[But] I'm glad I didn't get chosen because I'm terrible at winter sports. Like brutally, brutally terrible."

Speaking of "The Bachelor thing," Kraus also opened up about his decision not to do the show, and whether he'd consider it -- or other reality shows -- in the future. 

"It's not something I want to do right now... There's always a possibility. I don't like to rule out anything 100 percent," he said of The Bachelor, adding that Dancing With the Stars is probably even more unlikely. 

"I can dance. I'm not going to, like, brag about my dancing. I'm not that good, but I have terrible memory, so memorizing the steps, I feel, would be a huge flaw for me, so I probably wouldn't do it," he expressed. "I am very happy [with my life now], and getting thrust back into the public spotlight like that would be hard...There's a lot of people watching, a lot of people with opinions and pressure." 

The Wisconsin native is admittedly "more reserved" after his time on The Bachelorette, revealing that he's "started to stick to my friends and family even more so than before, and the community gets smaller and smaller." That's not to say, however, that he's not still looking for love. 

"I've started to date, but I'm not dating someone... I can't wait to have a family and kids," he said. "[It's different now because I have to consider] what I want to do on a date, staying out of the public eye, and just seeing what people are there for, if they're there for me or for a different reason." 

Kraus' new app, Hive Social, might be able to help. As he describes it, the program helps users meet through their interests, rather than swiping right or left on someone's picture. 

"It's a really nice way to meet people who have a common interest, and make new friends," he insisted. "Right now, I'm trying to talk to as many fans and people as possible, so if [anyone] really wants to get to know me get in a very intimate way, get onto this app where you can actually talk to me face to face. "

See more on Kraus in the video below.