Peter Weber Addresses Criticism After Tyler Cameron Jokingly Slams His TikToks

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Both reality stars having been spending their quarantine on the video-sharing platform.

Peter Weber is clapping back at his critics. The 28-year-old former Bachelor took to Instagram to share a video of himself eating a cookie and reading negative comments that people left in response to his latest TikTok. 

"Peter, don't ever do this again," one person commented, while another urged, "Someone put this man's voodoo doll down right now."

"I didn't think I could watch something worse than his season, but I was wrong," another person wrote.

Weber continued reading the criticism, laughing out loud when he spotted one that said, "Who let him be the Bachelor?"

"I'm cringing so hard right now," Weber read, before reciting that final comment, which was a nod to his career as a pilot.

"This triggered my fight or flight," the person wrote.

"Just enjoying some cookies and Tik Tok comments on a Wednesday night #quarantinelife," Weber captioned the video, referencing his current self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

One Bachelor Nation alum also poked fun at Weber for his TikTok video. Tyler Cameron took to Twitter to joke, "Hey @dustinbkendrick I’m going to need you to grab Peters phone right now and delete the Tik Tok app #theboxgonewrong"

"Pot meet kettle," Bachelorette alum Wells Adams quipped in response to Cameron's tweet.

Adams wasn't wrong when he teased Cameron for his recent time on TikTok, as the model has been using the platform frequently during his quarantine in Florida.

In fact, Cameron has been making TikTok videos with his "Quarantine Crew," which includes his brother, Ryan Cameron, best friend, Matt James, ex, Hannah Brown, and others. 

After many entertaining TikToks between Cameron and Brown specifically, James recently revealed that the former Bachelorette has left the crew to spend the rest of the quarantine with her family in Alabama.

While Cameron and Brown aren't spending their time in quarantine together anymore, it seems Weber may have moved on to someone new after his split from Madison Prewett

In a recent Instagram live video, Weber's friend and fellow Bachelorette alum, Clay Harbor, claimed that the pilot is currently dating Kelley Flanagan, whom he recently made a TikTok video with.

Flanagan appeared on Weber's season of The Bachelor, but went home ahead of the final episodes.

"I think it makes more sense with Kelley," Harbor said after stating that Weber and Flanagan are dating. "He can have conversations with her, you know?"

"Honestly, physically speaking, I think Pete's season of women was unbelievable physically attractive, but I think that, you know, a lot of them weren't as mature as maybe sometimes they have been in the past," he added.

Watch the video below for more on Weber.