Phil Collins' Ex-Wife Agrees to Vacate Singer's Home in January

Phil Collins Orianne Cevey
Ralph Notaro/Getty Images

The singer's attorney tells ET that Collins' ex-wife has agreed to leave the Miami home and allow him to sell the property.

Phil Collins' ex-wife, Orianne Cevey, has agreed to vacate the singer's Miami Beach home.

Last month, Collins filed a lawsuit against Cevey and her new husband, Thomas Bates, for unlawful detainer and forcible entry. The musician claimed they refused to vacate his Florida residence, changed the codes to the home and hired armed guards to keep him out. Now, she has agreed to vacate the home by mid-January. ET has reached out to Cevey for comment.

"Mr. and Mrs. Bates’ plan to hold Phil Collins’ house as hostage to leverage a settlement during a protracted court case was up ended by the new judge’s bold decision to complete the injunction hearing next week," Collins' attorney tells ET in a statement on Friday. "With the delay tactic failing, they agreed to vacate by mid-January and to allow Phil’s realtor to market and sell the property between now and the date they leave."

"Further, Phil Collins’ priceless collection of music memorabilia and artifacts from the Alamo will be retrieved within days," the statement continues. "Mrs. Bates’ lawsuit claiming a 50 percent interest in the house based upon an alleged oral agreement will continue, but we have no doubt that it too will come to a quick and conclusive end once the judge hears the true facts about what occurred."

The news comes a week after ET learned that Cevey's attorney filed a countersuit to Collins’ injunction, stating that the GRAMMY winner orally agreed to give her half the value of the Miami residence.

ET also learned that a judge ordered that Collins' team has the right to enter the residence and specify which items are his. The property will then be sent to Collins if both parties agree the items are solely his. If both parties do not agree, the property will be sent to storage, where it will remain until a hearing or settlement conference happens.

Collins and Cevey were married for nine years before calling it quits in 2008. They have two sons together, 19-year-old Nicholas and 15-year-old Matthew. At the time of their split, Collins had to pay Cevey a record-breaking $46.76 million per the terms of their divorce settlement.

The pair reconciled in 2016, but recently split. Cevey married Bates in August.