Phoebe Robinson Is 'Truly Terrified' While Taking on a Ropes Course with Kevin Bacon

Phoebe Robinson and Kevin Bacon
Comedy Central

The sneak peek clip is from her Comedy Central series, 'Doing The Most With Phoebe Robinson.'

Phoebe Robinson is trying to get past her fear of heights with some help from Kevin Bacon. In an exclusive sneak peek clip at the upcoming episode of Doing the Most With Phoebe Robinson, the 36-year-old comedian asks the 62-year-old actor to teach her "how to be an outdoorsy person."

After Bacon shares that being outside helps to put him "in a different headspace," Robinson admits to enjoying their hike together, telling the actor, "I get why you hike."

Things take a turn, though, when they head for a ropes course and Robinson admits that she's "afraid of heights," but feels she may be able to "conquer it if I do it with someone by my side."

The pair get their harnesses on and take a twerking break, before Bacon makes his way up the ladder with "no hesitation."

When it comes time for Robinson to follow, she says she's "truly terrified." She makes the climb regardless, with Bacon telling her, "I am so impressed with you right now."

Things don't get any easier when she makes it up to the rope, as one of her hoop earrings falls out and her harness gets "more up my vagina than my gyno has ever been." Both things, added in with her fear of heights, cause Robinson to jokingly exclaim, "This is the worst show ever!"

"I just want to make a deal that if I fall off this I'm not getting back on and it's fine," she says. "Because, you know, it's my civil rights. Martin Luther King Jr. fought so I can say 'no' to white nonsense whenever I want."

Though Bacon remains cool through the whole experience, he does instruct Robinson not to "make me laugh too much because I'm going to fall right off this g**damn thing."

As the pair continues, Robinson questions why the ropes course was invented and wonders if completing it will "give me Angela Bassett arms."

Complete it she does, after peeing "a little" and complimenting Bacon as being "the perfect partner for something like this." The pair end their ropes adventure with a sweet hug on solid ground.

Doing the Most With Phoebe Robinson is produced by Embassy Row and airs Fridays on Comedy Central. Bacon's full episode will air April 16 on the network at 11 p.m. ET.