'Pig Royalty' Trailer Sees the Balero-Rihn Rivalry Heat Up in Season 2 (Exclusive)

The Discovery+ reality docuseries about the fierce world of pig showing is back with season 2.

Pig Royalty, the fascinating and addictive Discovery+ series about the fiercely competitive world of pig showing, is back with season 2. ET has the exclusive first look at the all-new episodes of the reality docuseries, which follows rivaling Texas families, the Baleros and the Rihns, as they battle it out for buckles and bragging rights. 

This season, as the rivalry continues to heat up between the two teams, several members, including Balero protegee Nugget and Rihn coach Tyler, begin to question their allegiances. This all just increases the stakes for both families, whose reputations and thousands of dollars in prize money are on the line. 

But life outside the ring is just as intense, as both teams deal with issues that affect their families and home lives. For the Rihns, that's trying to expand their breeding operations by birthing more baby pigs in the wake of a devastating tornado that forced them to rebuild. Meanwhile, the Baleros must deal with shocking betrayals from within their own ranks and figure out how to move forward with a smaller team. 

Pig Royalty season 2 premieres Wednesday, March 16 on Discovery+.