‘The Platinum Life’ Finale Gets Heated -- Watch Crystal and Lola’s Tense Moment! (Exclusive)


The drama goes down on the season finale, airing Thursday.

The Platinum Life is going out with a bang.

The show’s first season wraps up on Thursday night, and ET has your exclusive first look at all the drama that goes down. Lola Monroe invites the group to her mixtape listening party, but before the event she sits down with Crystal Smith in hopes of getting her to leave her issues with Asiah Collins at the door.

“I get how this s**t goes, but these just can’t be one of those times,” Lola tells Crystal. “It’s just too much at stake. When you put two people that have conflict into one room, you might have how you want to go about it, and then she might have how she wants to go about it … I don’t know how she wants to go about it, but what I’m saying is, at the end of the day, we all have businesses. I can’t mix the drama into it. You get what I’m saying?”