Pregnant Broadway Star Patti Murin Says She Likely Has Coronavirus But Can't Get Tested

Patti Murin
Manny Carabel/Getty Images

The 39-year-old actress announced that she's expecting back in February.

Patti Murin thinks she has the coronavirus. The 39-year-old Broadway star took to Instagram on Thursday to reveal that she's been sick, but can't get tested. Murin and her husband, Colin Donnell, announced that they're expecting their first child back in February.

"Even Disney princesses can get sick ??‍♀️,"  Murin wrote on Instagram, referencing her time playing Princess Anna in the Broadway production of Frozen.

"I started feeling very tired and achy with a fever and a cough that makes it feel like my head is splitting open from the inside out," she explained. "After talking to my incredible OBGYN, my GP, and a very kind doctor at Mt. Sinai over video conference, they are pretty certain it’s COVID-19."

Despite her pregnancy, Murin said that she'll be unable to get tested unless she has trouble breathing.

"I’m going to count my lucky stars that I seem to be leaning towards the mild end of the scale," she wrote. "And sure, while it would be nice to know if I’m positive or not, I’m not willing to walk into a waiting room and possibly get other people sick just for my own selfish informational purposes."

Murin said she's taking care with "sleep, tons of fluids, and Tylenol," before reassuring her fans that her baby is still doing well.

"I AM FINE, I SWEAR, AND SO IS THE BABY! This virus can’t cross the placenta, so my uterus is literally the safest place for little peanut right now," she wrote. "I’m eating and drinking all the water in the world, and she’s kicking me almost hourly now, so I know she’s growing stronger by the day."

Murin went on to reveal all the support she has, even jokingly referencing her husband's experience playing a doctor on Chicago Med as a big help during this challenging time.

"Laughing makes me cough, which sucks, but smiling makes me happy, and my friends and family are helping me do just that and staying in contact as much as they can," she wrote. "Colin is taking excellent care of me. His TV doctor experience combined with his huge heart and love for me make for the best partner I could ask for, for this moment and for forever. And he’s feeling fine and staying an appropriate distance away!"

"Also, Petey and Milo haven’t left my side, so I’m surrounded with love and healing energy on all sides," she added of her dogs.

Murin said she's "so lucky" at a time when there are "so many others who are not."

"Please keep turning your attention to them, and to the essential workers and the insanely brave and strong medical personnel, and to the people who are stocking your grocery shelves and delivering your food," she wrote. "The world is crazy right now, but this is not forever. Remember that. Love to all!"