Pregnant Hilary Duff Thinks Baby No. 3 Is a Boy

On a new episode of the Informed Pregnancy Podcast with Dr. Elliot Berlin, Duff predicts she's have a baby boy.

Hilary Duff thinks baby no. 3 is going to be a boy. On a new episode of the Informed Pregnancy Podcast with Dr. Elliot Berlin, Duff admits she doesn't know the baby's sex yet, but is banking on a boy.

"I know the blue hair seems like we do know, but we really don't," Duff joked about her newly dyed blue 'do.

"I'm actually a little scared to have another girl because Banks was a tough — she was a tough cookie as a baby, but she's so great now, so I could see it," she said of her two-year-old daughter. "But then I don't know, in my mind I'm like, 'Maybe she's my only little princess and she's going to have her rough-and-tumble brothers.'"

Either way, Duff and her husband, Matthew Koma, are excited for the little one.

"Everyone that's close to me thinks boy, and then everyone that's more of a stranger that's like, 'What are you having?' They're like, 'We call girl.'"

Despite all the back and forth, the Younger star admits she doesn't have strong feelings either way.

"Honestly, I'm just saying boy. I really don't have a strong feeling about it either way, which made me feel guilty for the longest time," she said. "I was like, 'I should know, it's inside my body. It's my baby, I should know.' I don't know, and now I'm okay with just not knowing. But I think it's a boy."

Duff is already a mom to Luca, 8, who she shares with her ex-husband, hockey player Mike Comrie, and Banks, 2, who she welcomed with Koma in 2018.

Duff celebrated baby no. 3 with a small baby shower last week. She shared some moments from the gathering on Instagram, including a message of gratitude for her friend, Sharmeen, who arranged the event.

"I can’t thank you enough for planning the most special day," Duff wrote alongside the video, which showcased the fun, classy shower, featuring mostly an autumn color scheme with orange, peach, yellow and brown balloons and decor.

"I seriously wasn’t planning on a party like this for baby #3 during these times but you found a way to strong arm everyone into testing haha and honestly the day was so relaxing," Duff added. "I got quality time with many of my LA friends who I haven’t been able to see in one setting in so long and deeply missed my tried and trues who live far away."

"I love all of these women," Duff added, referring to the many friends and family who came out to support her. "Thank you for showing up for me in life through the thick and the thin. The thick being holy s**t I’m having a third child...send help!"