Pregnant Katy Perry Shares the Wish She Has for Her Child While Celebrating Pride's Stonewall Day

Katy Perry
Logo TV/Pride Live's Stonewall Day

Taylor Swift, former President Barack Obama and Demi Lovato also made appearances during the event.

Katy Perry wants her fans to know that she's here to "listen, learn and take action."

The pregnant pop star participated in a star-studded virtual event in celebration of Stonewall Day, a global campaign to elevate awareness and support for the Stonewall legacy and the continuing fight for full LGBTQ equality.

With a Pride rainbow shining across her face, Perry was candid about the hopes she has for her and fiancé Orlando Bloom's child.

"As I get ready to bring new life into this world, the wish I have for my child is that she'll be happy and healthy and safe. It's the same wish every mother has for their kids," she said before naming those Black Americans whose untimely deaths have sparked protests across the nation. "It's the same wish Trayvon [Martin's] mom had, and Breonna [Taylor's] and George [Floyd's] and Tony [McDade's] and the list is too damn long."

Praising her fans, Perry added, "Thank you, LGBTQ community for letting me be part of your Pride and part of your lives. And know that you inspire me with your strength and perseverance on Stonewall Day and every day."

Other celebrities who celebrated Stonewall Day included Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and Kesha. 

Former President Barack Obama also delivered a powerful message to the LGBTQ community. "Whether we’re fighting to protect a patient from discrimination in the healthcare system, or to combat violence against the LGBTQ community, particularly trans women of color, or to link arms with the causes of racial and social justice that have been sweeping the country, I hope you know that your voice can make an enormous difference," he said. "I hope you all understand what Edie Windsor and Harvey Milk and Bayard Rustin all knew: that progress doesn’t happen on its own. It happens because we stand up, speak out, and demand change. That’s what America has always been about. So keep on protesting peacefully and safely, whether that’s in your home, on social media, or out in the streets. Make sure you’re registered to vote."

In addition, former vice president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, responded to the Supreme Court's historic ruling last week to protect LGBTQ workers against discrimination.

"The fight is far from over and the path ahead is going to be anything but easy. These fights require leadership. Wherever injustice exists, leaders across the world must respond with action," he said. "I assure you that America once again will be the beacon of hope for LGBTQ people, here at home and throughout the world."

The Stonewall Day event raised critical funds for LGBTQ organizations severely affected by COVID-19, including Trans Lifeline, Brave Space Alliance, The Ally Coalition, and TransLatin@Coalition. Donations can be made by texting REBEL to 243725.