Pregnant Shenae Grimes Says She Now 'Hates' the Name She Picked Out for Her Son

Shenae Grimes Josh Beech
George Pimentel/Getty Images

The actress is halfway through her pregnancy.

Shenae Grimes has a bit of a dilemma. The former 90210 star has picked out a name for her soon-to-be baby boy with husband Josh Beech -- but now she "hates" it. 

Grimes opened up about her change of heart in a recent post on her blog, writing that she feels "panicked" about the situation, even though she has months left of her pregnancy. 

"We actually did land on a name immediately. As soon as we found out the gender, we started talking names and that same day we had one we were sold on," she recalled. "We told all of our family members and everyone LOVED it. Then, they started referring to the baby by that name. BIG MISTAKE."

"Um, wait a minute. I know I said it was his name and I liked it when we wrote it on a piece of paper and said it aloud amongst ourselves, but now …not so much," Grimes explained. "Something about the way it came out of other people’s mouths just felt off. I loved it. I loved that everyone else loved it, but I hated hearing them say it. Which would likely become an issue over time. Just as quick as we’d landed on that name, I now wanted to throw it as far away as possible. That was not my child’s name." 

Grimes and Beech are already parents to 2-year-old daughter Bowie, whose name was decided on pretty quickly. 

"With Bowie, it was so easy," she wrote, explaining how she and Beech had picked the name one day early in her pregnancy. "We genuinely never thought about it again. Never questioned it for one second. From the minute we said it and our faces lit up, we knew that it felt right. That was her name." 

Grimes is about halfway through her pregnancy, and her husband is "adamant about landing on a name sooner rather than later (like yesterday, ideally)." 

"We've rattled through a long list of awesome names that fit the vibe of our family and nothing has jumped out as being his name," she said. "It's a big decision. It will last his lifetime and be a big part of his identity, unless he ever chooses to change it. That's a lot of pressure!!"

"I don't want to give him something I feel half-hearted about. I was so sure with Bowie and I want to feel the same about this little one's name," she shared. "He deserves that kind of confidence. And a great f**ing name, like his big sis."

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