Prince Jackson Admits Fans Dressing Up Like His Dad Michael Can Be 'a Little Shocking' (Exclusive)

Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

The budding entrepreneur also shared his favorite costumes worn by the iconic musician.

As he prepares for Halloween, Prince Jackson is opening up about the strangeness of seeing people dress up as his late music icon dad, Michael Jackson, at this time of year.

The 21-year-old talked all things Halloween while chatting with ET at the third annual Dee Dee Jackson Foundation's Costume for a Cause at the Jackson Family Home in Encino, California, on Friday.

“It's definitely amazing because they want to continue on his tradition, his legacy, but sometimes they do it so well, it's a little shocking,” admitted Jackson, who co-founded the Heal Los Angeles charitable organization in honor of his father. “Like, whoa! [I’m] taken aback a little.”

“You mostly just have to smile, because it's coming from a place of love and admiration, so all I can do is have respect for that and really feel honored,” he added about how he reacts when he sees these costumes in person.

As for his own Halloween style, he aimed to portray Jason from Friday the 13th at the spooky bash.

“I'm dressed up as -- I'm pretty sure -- Jason from Friday the 13th. I don't want to get it wrong,” he said. “People, you know, they'll have you for it, if you mess up … especially my brother [Blanket]. That would be embarrassing.”

Jackson also reflected on some of his dad’s iconic costumes.

“’Thriller's obviously a classic because that just scared me so much as a kid,” he said. “And it worked so well, because with the video attached to it, you're like, ‘Is he gonna transform?’ You don't know what's gonna happen!”

“We all used to love Spider-Man, so we all used to dress up as Spider-Man together, so I have a lot of great memories of Spider-Man and superheroes like that,” he added.

Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images
Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Jackson opted not to coordinate outfits with his girlfriend for the Costume for a Cause event, explaining that he dresses up as “whatever my brother tells me to be,” while his ladylove was a pirate. The two celebrated their one-year anniversary earlier this year, but Jackson has kept her identity on the down low.

“We both kind of decided that she would like to remain anonymous for the most part, just because there's a lot of people that question a lot [and] pester a lot, so it becomes invasive,” Jackson explained. “So, we both decided it was good for her privacy.”

Outside of playing dress up and hanging with his significant other, Jackson is keeping busy as he works towards graduating from business administration school with a major in entrepreneurship, sharing how the success of his dad, who died eight years ago, prompted his choice of study.

“Business is very important in everyday life,” he said. “It's important for making big decisions that I have to, because of my father's inheritance. Also, my decisions to do with non-profit, or even business that I want to do. I just think that it's something I can use to help people make better decisions in their life and hopefully give them the tools to succeed.”

He also remains dedicated to his philanthropic work, having co-founded Heal Los Angeles (an organization which aims to end child abuse, homelessness and hunger,) and being awarded a Motif Lifetime Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest honor in youth advocacy, last month.

“As I'm getting older and really growing and learning as a person, I think the philanthropy part of me that my dad taught us all as children, is very essential and crucial to who I am,” he said. “I think, as of now, the only way I see my life really progressing forward, is through that.”

“[With] Heal L.A., we're trying to move it so we can do bigger and greater things,” he added. “But, I don't like to talk about things a lot, I mostly like to let the work show for itself, surprise people with it.”

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