Prince William Shares Which One of His Children Is 'Cheekier' (Exclusive)

ET has an exclusive clip of 'Prince William: A Planet for Us All,' out now on Discovery+.

Prince William couldn't help but share some personal info about his kids. The Duke of Cambridge gets asked by a group of schoolchildren which of the mini royals is "cheekier," in ET's exclusive clip of Prince William: A Planet for Us All.

"Is Princess Charlotte cheekier than Prince George?" a little girl asks the 38-year-old royal while he's visiting a Liverpool school.

"No, they're about as cheekier as each other," William responds with a smile. See the full clip above.

Additionally in the sneak peek, as William and the children showcase the importance of insects, he gets a tour of their bug hotel, adorably dubbed "Bugingham Palace."

"Can you tell me what you've been up to?" William asks the kids, as he tours the insect palace. "Why are bees so important?"

"They bring life to our Earth," a little girl replies. "And help other animals like caterpillars."

Narrated by David Oyelowo, Prince William: A Planet for Us All highlights the father of three as he champions action for the natural world and the pioneering work of local heroes.

It also details William's journey "from growing up with a deep connection with the outdoors, something he now shares with his own children, to realizing a lifelong passion for African conservation. The documentary highlights the importance of energizing and championing young people around the world as they become the next voice for our planet and our greatest hope for righting the ship of which we’ve ignored for too long."

Prince William: A Planet for Us All is now available on Discovery+.