Priyanka Chopra Reacts to Rumors About Being a Bridesmaid in Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding

The 'Quantico' star had nothing but amazing things to say about her best friend while speaking to 'Harper's Bazaar Arabia.'

Priyanka Chopra is sticking up for her best friend, Meghan Markle.

Ever since the Suits star announced her engagement to Prince Harry last year, rumors have been swirling that Markle will ask Chopra to be one of her bridesmaids, maybe even her maid of honor, for the royal wedding on May 19.

But in a new interview with Harper's Bazaar Arabia, the Quantico star played coy when asked about her pal's bridal party.

"If you see me there, you'll know," she teased.

While Chopra couldn't give the outlet too many details about Markle's upcoming nuptials, she did give her friend credit for how she's handled all the recent attention.

"I don't think anybody else would be able to do it the way she will. She’s just right for it," Chopra exclaimed. "She's an icon, truly, that girls can look up to, that women can look up to. She's normal, she's sweet, she's nice, she thinks about the world, wants to change it and this was even before any of this happened."

"So, I do think Meghan being a part of the royal family is a big step in the direction of so many things; of women, of feminism, of diversity, of race, of the monarchy versus everyone else," she added. "It's a beautiful step in the right direction."

Earlier this week, Markle's Suits co-star, Patrick J. Adams, also spoke out about how the actress' life has changed since meeting the royal.

"Meghan has this whole crazy part of her life that’s just beginning now," said Adams, who revealed on Tuesday that, like Markle, he also won't be returning for the show's eighth season. "We grew up together over the course of the show. There was this natural sense that we both knew that the time had come for both of us. It went unspoken and we just enjoyed the hell out of the last few episodes that we got to shoot."

"We both knew that we wouldn't be coming back. It made every one of our scenes that much more special," he continued. "We had a great time. We could laugh through it. Even the things that might have frustrated us about the show, they became things that we could have a good laugh about and compare notes on just how crazy this thing had become."

Hear more on Markle's regal life in the video below.


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