Rachael Leigh Cook on the One Big Twist 'She's All That' Needs For a Reboot (Exclusive)

The actress also reveals which surprising scene she says Freddie Prinze Jr. 'struggled' with.

Nearly 20 years after She's All That, Rachael Leigh Cook still gets recognized on the street as Laney Boggs -- but she's not complaining. 

ET's Katie Krause spoke with the actress at the premiere of Broken Star at Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theatre on Wednesday, where she reflected on the hit 1999 film, and revealed one surprising detail about co-star Freddie Prinze Jr. 

According to Cook, while the actor played hotshot Zack Siler, who had no problem accepting the challenge of turning Laney into prom queen material, Prinze was actually a big "softie" -- and had trouble getting through one emotional scene in particular. 

"In that 'Am I a bet? Am I a freaking bet?' scene, Freddie Prinze Jr., being the sensitive soul that he is, like, really struggled to get through that, because he was like, 'How can a person in this world do something so terrible?' and he was starting to sort of reconcile between himself and the character he was playing in that moment," Cook recalled. "It really kind of threw him. He's a big softie." 

The former teen star admitted she wishes she "saw more" of Prinze these days, and said it's hard to believe it's been so long since they shot the film. "It does feel like a minute ago that we made that movie," she confessed. "That was a little more like real high school for me than real high school was, so in that sense, that's a reunion I would certainly attend." 

Cook is also open to a She's All That reboot -- though with a big twist. "That would be cute," she said of a guy getting a makeover instead, before offering up another possibility. "Somebody told me if they made She's All That today, that it would happen in reverse, like she would get glasses, and I think that sounds pretty accurate." 

"It's just so crazy. You never think you're gonna spend five weeks or whatever it was making a movie, that you're gonna be talking to people about it, like, 20 years later!" she added. 

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But She's All That isn't the only '90s film people are still talking about. Cook starred as Mary Anne Spier in 1995's The Baby-Sitter's Club -- which she's hoping might get the revival treatment. 

"You are the most official conversation I've had about the reboot," she said to ET, before noting that she's all in for a reunion. "I don't like being on camera saying, 'Hey, give me a job,' but man, I would be so there for that." 

"A bunch of us would have to have our own kids, so [the movie could be about] dealing with that. Maybe they are the new Baby-Sitter's Cub?" she offered. "I just know that the world needs more BSC, probably just with a new cast and I can just make a cheeky little cameo." 

This isn't the first time Cook has opened up to ET about revisiting The Baby-Sitter's Club -- the cast shared a sweet reunion earlier this year. See more on Cook in the video below. 


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