Ray J Laughs Off His 'Love & Hip Hop' Hat Moment Becoming a Meme

Ray J
Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

The reality star is embracing his own hilarious viral moment.

Ray J definitely knows how to laugh at himself.

The singer and star of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood is getting a lot of press lately. Why? Because in the latest episode of his VH1 reality show, as he attempts to confront co-star Safaree Samuels about possible infidelity, the beanie on his head appears to have a mind of its own. Over the course of 50 seconds, his hat seemingly changes positions on his head six times, making for some hilarious viewing. 

All the buzz prompted Ray to hop on Instagram on Tuesday and address his seemingly possessed hat. “Let’s talk about this hat!” he captioned the viral video. ”It was having a hard time getting comfortable on my head- thoughts please?? lol bc my hat is going viral! WTF lol.”

The obvious explanation is editing. In essence, this conversation was far longer than what was shown in the episode. And when the most poignant parts were snipped together, the crooner’s hat sprang to life.

The viral hat moment went down when Ray was attempting to get Samuels to admit that he “smashed” Lyrica Anderson behind her husband A1’s back.

In order for Ray to get Samuels to admit to the rumors, he lied and said that Lyrica had already confessed to having an affair with him. That’s when Samuels spilled the beans. Long story short, the singer's hat isn't the only thing making news in this episode.

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