RBD Reunites for Virtual Concert 12 Years After Last Show -- See Fan Reactions

RBD Reunion

Christian Chávez, Anahí, Christopher von Uckermann and Maite Perroni made fans nostalgic with their mega-hits.

RBD is back! It's been 12 years since the Mexican pop band had their last concert, and on Saturday four of the original six members reunited for a virtual show. Christian Chávez, Anahí, Christopher von Uckermann and Maite Perroni made fans nostalgic with their mega-hits, which fans haven't heard live for over a decade.

News of their reunion was announced in October, to celebrate the 16th anniversary of their telenovela Rebelde. At the time, it was also revealed that Alfonso Herrera and Dulce María would not be participating.

The almost two-hour virtual concert consisted of fan-favorite songs like "Ser o Parecer," "Solo Quédate En Silencio," "Bésame Sin Miedo," "Enséñame," "Aún Hay Algo," "Este Corazón," "Tras de Mí" and "Nuestro Amor," among many others. They also sang their new song, “Siempre He Estado Aquí," which was released last month.

Fun facts and old footage of them in concert was also shown in between songs. During the show, Christopher sang "Inalcanzable" by himself with Christian then crooning "Tu Amor" solo.

They also took turns speaking to the viewers, sending positive messages and thanking fans for their continued support.

"We wanted to share a night with you, filled with nostalgia amid the pandemic," Maite said. "Today we can start to dream, to remember that we can make our heart's dreams come true and start from zero," she added in part before singing "Empezar Desde Cero." Anahi also sang "Sálvame" by herself.

They also gave a shout-out to Dulce -- who couldn't participate because she recently gave birth -- and Alfonso during their set, before they sang, "No Pares." They concluded by singing "Rebelde."


Dulce and Alfonso, however, did take to Twitter to show their support from afar.

Fans on Twitter couldn't contain their excitement over seeing the pop stars reunite.

The 2004 telenovela, Rebelde, led to the creation of RBD. In September, the band's entire discography was put on streaming platforms for the first time ever. Rebelde's scandalous storylines, music and memorable fashion continue to entertain and resonate with fans all over the world.

ET spoke with Christian earlier this year, where he expressed how it felt to have fans' support after all these years.

"It's so weird because it has been 15 years and the music was not there, the videos weren't there. It's really weird that we're getting all this attention from people again, but it's also amazing. Every one of us is so excited about it and it shows us that pop music is still there, and the rebels are still there but in different generations," he said. "They show it to their sobrinos, primos, hijos. It's a family thing now. It's really beautiful for me. It's an amazing reconnection, not only with the fans because the fans have been there for a long time, but to the new generations. I think it's amazing to see the new generations coming and listening to RBD's music history. I think it's surprising that we're breaking all these records. It's part of the RBD magic, I guess."