'Real Housewives of Miami' Star Dr. Nicole Martin Takes Fans Inside Home, Teases Upcoming Wedding (Exclusive)

The 9,500 square foot home sits on two-plus acres that's truly fit for a 'Real Housewife.'

Dr. Nicole Martin and her fiancé, Anthony Lopez, renovated a house -- check that, more like palatial grounds -- that's not just tailor-made for a magazine cover. It's fit for a Real Housewife.

The newest member of The Real Housewives of Miami cast -- not to mention respected anesthesiologist -- and her trial lawyer fiancé invited ET's Rachel Smith for an eye-popping tour of their newly renovated waterfront estate. The couple tells ET they moved into the 9,500 square foot property about a year ago, and it's been bliss ever since. It's easy to see why.

The home sits on two-plus acres and it offers 500 feet of waterfront space. On a clear day, while enjoying a refreshing drink on the boat dock, visitors just may get a glimpse of heaven. It's also easy to see why Martin and Lopez are enjoying their new oasis, this after having moved six different times in the last six years. But, given the amount of work they've put into their Miami digs, it's also easy to see why they might stay put for good, and for good reason. The home has 7 bedrooms, a "lady cave" that's accessible through a secret door off the media room. The "lady cave" doubles as a wine room, which can hold 3,000 bottles of wine.

Martin can't help herself and rave about her closet -- filled with natural light thanks to an entire wall of windows on one side. Martin says Lopez's closet is bigger but, in the grand scheme of things, she can't fathom doing without all the natural light.

It goes without saying, the wall collection of shoes is her favorite part of the closet, as are the modern clean lines throughout the spectacular home. But, make no mistake, Martin says there's a charming elegance behind the couple's design.

"You know what I love about it, is that it's not overly modern because sometimes I feel like these really modern homes that are symmetrical and box-like, they feel a little cold," Martin says. "This still feels like updated but it's got a lot of natural elements. The natural coral, the archways, and it just feels homey, at least to me."

Martin and Lopez, who are newly engaged and share 3-year-old son, Grayson, spared no expense when it came to updating their bathroom that features a deceptively large bathtub that's handmade from clay. But when it came time to really splurging a section of the home, the kitchen took the honors.

"You know, we love to cook," Martin says. "We love to entertain, and I always feel like the kitchen is the spot where people congregate when people come over. So I don’t think we left off any details when it comes to our kitchen. We got a new stove, and it's spectacular."

No trial lawyer with the resource to splurge is complete without his own grown-up toy collection. From the 30-plus designer watches he stores in a very safe and secure space to the collection of wheels in his sophisticated garage fitted with hydraulic-powered lifts for his Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin, the home exudes power-couple vibes.

And, believe it or not, there's still a bit more left to be done in terms of renovation. Martin and Lopez will soon break ground on the second phase of renovations, redoing the backyard and pool area. That they're embarking on this project in the midst of an engagement is astonishing in and of itself. The one thing going for Martin and Lopez, who have been together for seven years, is that they're not exactly in a rush to walk down the aisle.

"It was something we had always talked about," said Martin of getting engaged. "We'd both been married before, so it wasn’t on the priority list. There were other things that we really wanted to do -- like have a family. And then we went down this rabbit hole of remodeling a house. So, there were so many other things we decided to focus on, and now we feel like the dust just settled.”  

In other words, they'll get to planning the wedding when it comes up on their priority list. For now, that list is topped by Greyson, followed by renovations and honing their skills as respected professionals who also happen to be under the spotlight of The Real Housewives of Miami, airing Thursdays on Peacock. Suffice it to say, Martin's first season was different than what she's used to in her own prism.

"It was such a different experience for me," she said. "I spend most of my time in the hospital with patients who, mind you, are asleep so I’m not used to the arguing, having 10 women [talk] at the same time. So it's something I had to get adjusted to, but the women are honestly really welcoming"

If there was one word Martin could describe her first season?

"Interesting. It was interesting," she said. "There were moments I felt were a bit aggressive, but overall it was a lot of self-growth, stepping out of my comfort zone. It was just a good, interesting experience."