'Real Housewives of O.C.' Star Dr. Jen Armstrong Files for Legal Separation From Ryne Holliday

Jen Armstrong and Ryne Holliday
Jennifer Armstrong/Instagram

According to court docs obtained by ET, Armstrong listed their date of separation as Sept. 8.

Dr. Jen Armstrong has filed for legal separation from her husband, Ryne Holliday. Per the court docs obtained by ET, The Real Housewives of Orange County star filed for separation from Holliday on May 13 at Orange County Superior Court but listed their official date of separation as September 8. 

The cosmetic dermatologist cited "irreconcilable differences" as grounds for their separation. In addition to requesting both legal and physical custody of their three children, Vince and Vera 10, and Robert, 9, Armstrong is asking for all assets and property to be in her name -- including properties in both Hawaii and California as well as Armstrong's medical practices.

Armstrong is, however, granting visitation of their three children to Holliday and requesting that the court not award spousal support to either party.

In a statement shared to People Tuesday, Armstrong said that the pair are taking time apart to "focus on ourselves and our children."

"Ryne and I are taking some time apart to focus on ourselves and our children," Armstrong said. "While we are very sad, we are hoping that we will heal and be even stronger as a family. We ask for patience as we navigate this new chapter in our lives."

Armstrong and Holliday tied the knot in November 2013 and were married for nearly 8 years before making the decision to separate.

ET has reached out to both Bravo and Armstrong's rep.

When ET's Brice Sander spoke to Armstrong in February, she spoke about her relationship with Holliday and the struggles they faced while filming season 16 of the long-running reality TV series.

"I think it's very cathartic to be on the show," Armstrong said at the time. "It's almost like it puts this magnifying glass on things in your life ... and it's an opportunity to fix it and address it. So it got worse with Ryne before it got better, but in the end it did actually help. It was more healing."


Their often-frustrating on-air arguments played out on TV with Armstrong sharing that she thought about throwing in the towel a few times.

"When you're trying so hard, you just keep trying and you keep trying and you're not moving forward, at some point you're like, 'It would be so much easier to just have a new relationship,'" she added. "It's like you're spinning your wheel, spinning your wheel, and I'm not going anywhere on this hamster wheel. So it's very frustrating for me, especially because ... I'm a very goal-oriented person."

Armstrong's filing isn't the first time the pair has separated. The reality TV star told ET that the pair previously tried out a month-long separation but ultimately opted back into the relationship.  

"He came back to me and was just very kind and genuine and open, which I don't get a lot of from him typically," she shared, "and I'm like, 'Well, this is the husband I wanted.' This is how it's going to be, then open arms. Let's work on it."

"I think that that was an eye-opener on maybe what we were losing if we did actually separate," Armstrong added. "And so we've come back with more gratitude for each other, more appreciation for each other, and for the first time I feel like it's very genuine. We genuinely want to be together and we're working on it, where before it was going through the motions."