Regis Philbin and Daughter J.J. Dish on His Special 'Single Parents' Cameo (Exclusive)

The TV legend talks about his guest appearance on daughter J.J.'s comedy series.

When Single Parents launched in 2018, the biggest question on co-creator/executive producer J.J. Philbin's mind was how she and the writers could figure out a seamless way for her father, television legend Regis Philbin, to appear on the show for a special cameo. Luckily for J.J., they found the answer.

Regis drops by the ABC comedy on Wednesday's episode (watch ET's sneak peek of his guest spot, which is filled with Easter eggs to past gigs) as part of a birth story Will (Taran Killam) shares to the group. 

"Since the show began, we've been thinking, 'What is the way we can bring Regis Philbin onto the show?'" J.J. says in ET's exclusive video. "Fortunately, you said yes. We weren't sure if you were gonna do it but you did and here we are. It's a big get!"

"Executive producer... she's tough but she's good," Regis, 88, proudly says of his daughter.

Since Killam is the one who had scenes with Regis, he confessed to feeling like a little kid again with the former Who Wants to Be a Millionaire host walking around set.

"You can kind of feel that everybody is kind of giddy having him here on set. It's exciting," Killam recalls. "And honestly, it's a little bit emotional just seeing J.J. with her dad. They love each other so much and their whole relationship is tight in showbiz, and she has her own show now and he's able to come and support her on-camera, it's a very cool moment." 

Speaking more directly to the episode, J.J. and Regis discuss more deeply the context of his appearance, revealing that it comes out through Will's story that he actually wasn't present for the birth of his child. All thanks to Reg.

"It wasn't his fault because as he was walking through the hospital, he sees somebody... [points to Regis]," J.J. tees up. "And he missed the birth of his child."

"Wow! No kidding!" Regis exclaims. "That's right, Dad!" J.J. replies with a chuckle.

"I feel...," he says, a bit speechless. "A bit responsible?" she chimes in, to which he responds, "Yeah! Absolutely!"

For J.J., Wednesday's episode marks a true special moment for her and her father. "It's such a thrill to have him on my show after years and years of being a guest on his show and I hope he has as much fun on our set as I did on his growing up." 

Single Parents returns Wednesday, April 15 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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