'RHOA' Sneak Peek! Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton Battle at Brooklyn's Birthday Party (Exclusive)

Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton get into it on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

In ET's exclusive first look at Sunday's 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta,' Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton get into it!

Typically it's toddlers throwing tantrums at children's birthday parties, but The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton prove you can have a fit at any age! 

In ET's sneak peek at Sunday's all-new episode, the group gathers at a tea-themed party for Kenya's daughter, Brooklyn's, third birthday, but things go off the rails quickly when Kenya pulls out her phone and starts to read what sound like Yelp reviews about Marlo's fashion business, Le'Archive. She quotes one potential customer who "couldn't order" from the showroom's website.

"Well, you can't order," Marlo informs Kenya. "You don't order. When you email Le'Archive, you get a questionnaire back, and then we contact you if we want to entertain you. That's it!"

Kenya then pivots the conversation, bringing up a comment Marlo made to Shereè Whitfield at her Le'Archive gala. "I do want to say, Marlo, I was taken aback from the other night, because Shereè was saying you were talking about me borrowing a car from somebody, which was untrue," she spills.

"LisaRaye's Range Rover," Marlo clarifies, referencing actress LisaRaye McCoy, whom Kenya claims not to know.

"That's just what the streets say," Marlo says.

Watch the verbal battle play out here:

"You own a used Rolls-Royce! That's a fact!" Kenya fires back, setting Marlo off. 

"That's a lie," she snaps. "I bought it off the lot, brand new. You said I bought a used Rolls-Royce? They told you wrong. You definitely was told incorrectly. My car was brand new."

As Marlo repeatedly denies Kenya's claims, Kenya continues to defend herself, all while brushing through Drew Sidora's hair with her fingers. Marlo gives Kenya an up-down and sarcastically tells her castmate, "You're so fabulous, in your Chanel-inspired [look]."

"No it's not, b***h!" Kenya spouts back. "I will give you the receipt!"

"Honestly, I'm about tired of Kenya and Marlo always going at each other's neck," Kandi Burruss quips in a confessional. "Does it ever get old? You're not tired yet? Like, so confusing." 

It seems not. From what the ladies have teased to ET, this tea party tiff is just the tip of the battles to come between Kenya and Marlo.

"It's unfortunate because I really did get to a place of trusting her and being excited about what we could be together as a duo together," Kenya confessed last month, "and it just turned its head and spun around."

Alan Smith / Bravo

"[She] brags about always hitting below the belt, and to me that's just not really cool and then expect to turn around the next day and issue a lightweight apology and think that that's OK," she said. "That's just not my brand. It's just not who I am. I think that you have to be organic. I think, again, boundaries are needed, and I don't think that you can expect to be someone's friend after you try to destroy them, just not how it works."

"It's sad," Marlo reflected in a separate interview, "because I just have realized, I'm like, 'Kenya has a bad case of can't take.' She can't take Marlo! It's like, I don't even know what medicine I can give her to cure it, but she just has a bad case of she can't take me. And it's just sad, because I thought she would be really supportive of me. Out that decade, doing my thing. I deserve this seat at the table. Don't be negative in saying 'I'm ghetto. I don't deserve it.' Come on, girl. Support me. Please support me, sis. Support me."

"She pretends to love you," Marlo teased of their season 14 drama. "She's never supportive. She's never uplifting. She needs all the attention. It's like, 'Look at me! Look! Look! I need some attention today. Look, I'm here!' And it's so sad, because she can never uplift anyone else, celebrate anyone else. It has to be all about her."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.