'RHOA' Sneak Peek! Watch Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore Go at It in the Mountains (Exclusive)

Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore have a moment on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Higher altitude, higher drama. So it goes for the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta in ET's exclusive first look at Sunday's episode, which picks up with the women on their trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

After Marlo Hampton asked Kenya Moore not to participate in any group activities if she refused to stay in the same house as them, Kenya shows up anyway for the day's excursion. Naturally, that gets Marlo a little bothered... and leaves the other women confused.

"You're the same one who said you don't like when people purposefully poke at you, or purposefully do things to make you get agitated," Kandi Burruss tells Kenya. "You don't like that. So why are you doing that?"

"I don't like when people go off and insult me," Kenya replies. "As long as you are respectful to me, I'll be respectful to you. Period."

"Girl, bulls**t," Marlo interjects. "She spoke about my nephews and me without me, she drove up here by herself. Let's go do what we're doing. Kenya, have a safe trip back, baby."

"Don't speak to me directly," Kenya fires back, as the two enter a back-and-forth reminiscent of Marlo's head-shaking, noise-making non-conversation with Sherée Whitfield all those years back on the group's trip to Africa. 

Watch it all play out here:

Sherée tries to ease the tension, though, but that only seems to set Marlo off more. She follows Kenya out of the house and continues on with Kenya, telling her she better keep Marlo's nephews' names out of her mouth. It seems as if Kenya's made light of the fact that Marlo sent her two nephews, Michael and William -- whom she has custody over -- away for 30 days.

"Kenya, no one in this group will take me away from Michael and William," Marlo declares. "No one."

"Yeah, 'cause you gave 'em away," Kenya sneers, shocking Sherée. 

"Leave Michael and William out of it!" Marlo spouts back. "She's supposed to be 'so classy.' B***h, you're trash. You're trash and you go get that badass booty inflated. I'mma post it today! How awful it is."

"I have never been around women acting like this," Monyetta Shaw, the group's newest addition, shares in a confessional. "Kandi, where did you bring me? Can we just be adults and get to our destination? Please?" 

Well, Monyetta, there's likely a lot more drama to come between these two. Ahead of the season, both Kenya and Marlo took shots at one another in separate ET interviews.

Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton get into it on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

"Unfortunately, sometimes people are not who they seem to be and they have ulterior motives, and I think that if you're in a situation where you really have wanted something so badly for 20 years and you get it, you feel like you need to keep it," Kenya said, referencing the fact that Marlo appeared on the show in a "friend of" capacity for nearly a decade before landing a full-time spot. "And so what do you do? You come after me."

Kenya went so far as to say Marlo picked up the "villain scepter" this year, a claim Marlo swiftly shut down. 

"So she came in lighter, brighter, and I picked up the scepter for the villain? More like, I came in here as the hero and I'm keeping everyone's peaches juicy and sweeter!" Marlo fired back. "I think Kenya's a little delusional. Seriously, I've come to that conclusion. Because you will see yourself --  I'm not even going to badmouth her -- as this season reveals, you're going to see the true Kenya."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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