'RHOA's Drew Sidora Accuses Husband Ralph Pittman of Being a 'Serial Cheater' in Divorce Filing

Ralph Pittman filed for divorce on Feb. 27.

Drew Sidora is accusing estranged husband Ralph Pittman of being a "serial cheater and adulterer" in her divorce petition.

According to legal documents, obtained by ET, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star filed for divorce on March 1 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and said the marriage is "irretrievably broken" after claiming Pittman "has committed adultery" and "committed cruel treatment towards her."

In the documents, Sidora is also asking for temporary and permanent physical custody of their two minor children. She also wants joint legal custody but final decision-making authority on all major decisions of the children awarded to her. Sidora also wants Pittman to pay for child support "in an amount prescribed by the statutory guidelines set forth by the law and based upon the parties' respective income for all sources."

Among the number of requests she made, Sidora wants to be awarded the marital residence and that the remaining marital property be equitably divided and distributed. She also wants the marital debt of the parties to be equitably divided and distributed, except that Pittman should be responsible for any expenses incurred by Pittman in "pursuing and persisting in his multiple adulterous affairs." 

She claimed they have lived "in a bona fide state of separation since February, 2023 due to [his] repeated uncondoned adultery." Sidora also said in the documents she "simply cannot take [his] continued blatant disrespect and mental abuse any longer." She also referred to him as a "serial cheater and adulterer."

As for the cruel treatment claim, Sidora says in the documents that things got progressively worse last month when she claimed Pittman "withdrew a large sum of money from [her] account." Three days after this alleged incident, Sidora claims Pittman "became physically aggressive with [her] to the point that [Sidora] considered filing an application for a Temporary Protective Order and flying with her three minor children to Chicago, Illinois so that the [she] and the minor children could feel safe."

In that alleged incident in February, Sidora claimed Pittman grabbed her cell phone out of her hand, causing her to fall to the floor. She then claimed Pittman "literally peeled the phone out of [her] hand aggressively. When [she] begged for [Pittman] to give [her] her cell phone back, he screamed at [Sidora] stating that he pays the cell phone bill; so, the phone belongs to him. [Sidora] called 911, but no police ever showed up. On Tuesday, February 21, 2023, [Sidora] had to obtain a new cell phone for herself."

Sidora and Pittman tied the knot in August 2014. ET has reached out to Sidora and Pittman for comment.

"Love is a beautiful thing," Pittman, 37, said in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE. "Unfortunately we have made the difficult decision to move on to our next chapters, independent of each other. Drew and I have decided to file for divorce. We have three amazing young children, and their mindset and growth is what is most important. As we navigate this difficult time, I ask that you please respect our privacy."

TMZ obtained Sidora's divorce petition which shows the actress beat Pittman to the punch and filed for divorce an hour before him. 

A source close to Sidora tells ET, “Drew and Ralph have called it quits after many years of trying to make it work. They did couples therapy for a while but it wasn’t enough. Drew and Ralph have a lot of love for one another, but know it was time to call off their marriage.”

“Drew was very upset when Ralph didn’t want to adopt Drew’s son, Josiah, and then went on to say he was writing a book on parenting. Drew is looking forward to the future,” the source adds.

Fans of RHOA saw the couple’s marital problems play out on the series, as season 14 kicked off with a bit of déjà vu for Sidora and Pittman, as Sidora once again questioned his fidelity. In season 13, he ran off to Tampa unannounced and was essentially MIA. In season 14, Sidora dealt with inappropriate text messages exchanged between Pittman and this then-assistant.

"During the summer, I had packed up the kids and we went to Chicago for a while because of this assistant, and it was just not cool," Sidora revealed. "He did show up in Chicago weeks later to get his family back. So I feel like that's what marriage is about, is when someone wakes up and decides to commit to their marriage. We got immediately into counseling, and we're still in counseling. That's really who we are, we're in a marriage, and we're not pretending that everything's great when it's not. We're showing what that up and down, and that journey looks like."

Pittman fired the assistant, but Kandi Burruss uncovered social media posts from the woman that suggested she was still in contact with him.

ET has also learned that “the divorce filing was not filmed for RHOA. The show has wrapped and although they could do pickup shots, it most likely won't happen. However, it will be discussed at the upcoming RHOA reunion.”