'RHOBH': Brandi Glanville Crashes Dorit Kemsley's Party Looking for Denise Richards (Exclusive)

Brandi Glanville speaks with Sutton Stracke on the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' season 10 finale.

It wouldn't be a Housewives finale without a little drama now would it? Brandi Glanville brings the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast its dose by showing up unannounced to a party at Dorit Kemsley's house.

The diamond-holders are sitting around outside, anxiously awaiting Denise Richards' arrival, seemingly in hopes to iron things out with their co-star after a rocky trip to Rome that left the actress in tears when Teddi Mellencamp confronted her with allegations that Denise had secretly hooked up with Brandi and that she had bad-mouthed her castmates. Denise denied the accusations (though she did go on to admit she said "much worse" things about Teddi than she was accused of in a confessional) and seemingly distanced herself from the women once she returned home to Los Angeles.

"Oh my goodness gracious," Dorit proclaims when she sees Brandi. The last time Dorit and Brandi came face to face, Brandi was sharing text messages and NSFW details about her time with Denise; it went down at Teddi's baby shower inside Dorit's newly unveiled "Capri Room" at Buca di Beppo’s Encino, California, location (an event from which, it's worth noting, Denise called out "sick.")

At this point, Dorit is "Team Denise," saying she's more inclined to believe the Drop Dead Gorgeous star over Brandi, who -- unprompted -- told Dorit that her breasts were "f**ked up" the first time they met, a comment to which Dorit took much offense. The baby shower bombshells ended with the women advising Brandi to smooth things out with Denise so that everyone could move on.

"Oh my god, thank god Denise is not here," Dorit comments in a confessional. "But, holy s**t. Never mind Denise, I'm not exactly in the best places with this girl who’s now in my house!"

Watch Brandi's entrance here:

Once Brandi makes her way inside the party, she's cornered by Sutton Stracke who tells her, "You are a topic of conversation." Sutton and Brandi are casual acquaintances; Brandi's attended a few parties of Sutton's over the years and they share a facialist.

"I see her socially every now and then -- don't worry, no one's gonna claim that they've slept with me," Sutton quips in a confessional. "That's fine. I mean, obviously. Look at me."

Sutton revealed in an earlier episode that she had heard rumors of Brandi and Denise's hookup long before Brandi brought it to the group, but chose to keep the information to herself. It's an approach she would apparently like Brandi to take, too.

"Is Denise here?" Brandi asks Sutton.

"No," Sutton answers. "And you guys need to work this thing out because, honestly? It's too much, you know?"

"Maybe one day you can learn to not say stuff," she then advises Brandi, to which Brandi quickly fires back with, "Honey, not happening."

When ET spoke with Sutton near the start of the season, she said she wasn't sure who to believe when it came to Brandi and Denise, and hoped that the truth might come out at the reunion. But when Teddi talked with ET last month -- just days after shooting the special -- she hinted that there's not going to be much resolution when it comes to the "she said, she said" of it all. Brandi did not attend the virtual taping.

"For Brandi's sake, I think it's hard if things are talked about you, and you're not able to be there to defend yourself and say your point of view," Teddi said. "The person that's involved in the drama should probably be there so they can have their day in court, but … you know, if Brandi was there, Denise is not gonna be showing up."

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' season 10 finale airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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