'RHOC' Alum Braunwyn Windham-Burke Reacts to Ex Kris Moving On With Alexis Haines (Exclusive)

The reality star and her husband split in April.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke is supportive of her ex's new relationship. ET's Brice Sander spoke to the 43-year-old former Real Housewives of Orange County star at the release party for Dave Quinn's Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives From the People That Lived It, and she reacted to her ex, Kris, moving on with former Pretty Wild star Alexis Haines.

"I knew about it a few months before you guys did," Braunwyn told ET of her ex's new relationship, which Alexis first publicly revealed on her Instagram Story in September. "Kris did give me a heads up when they started dating."

"It does seem weird, but it is not," she continued. "They met the same way I met Kris, on Tinder. I am happy for them. They really are happy, so I am happy for them."

Braunwyn first revealed her relationship with Kris in December 2020 when she came out as gay. People reported in April that Kris had broken up with Braunwyn because Kris wanted more of a commitment than Braunwyn was ready to give, though they remained on friendly terms. 

Amid her sexuality reveal, Braunwyn said that she and her husband, Sean Burke -- with whom she shares seven children -- had no plans to divorce, something that remains true today.

"We are still together. We are still married. We are co-parenting our children," Braunwyn told ET. "When I am in the city, he is a full time parent. When I go home, he has time to himself. We are both dating other people."

"He actually flies out here in a few days. We are going on a double date. I know it seems weird to a lot of people, but it is working for us," she continued. "We have no plans to divorce. We love this modern marriage we have going on. We are best friends. We are family. We are both very independent and it is working for us."

Braunwyn added, "It has been 22 years we have been married and I think there is something to be said for that. It is the longest running Orange County marriage and we like what is happening. We are happy."

While Braunwyn attended the event with a date, she didn't put a label on their relationship.

"I have been out for a year now. I am in New York City. I am dating. I am having an amazing time," she said. "I have a beautiful date for the night. I am not labeling anything. I just got out of a 26-year relationship, so I am enjoying my time in the city."

As for her RHOC exit, Braunwyn told ET that she doesn't have fomo surrounding the show anymore.

"I am really grateful for all of the opportunities that I got, but that saying is true, when one door closes, another opens," she said. "There are a lot of beautiful doors that have been opening for me."