'RHODubai': Caroline Stanbury Labels Chanel Ayan 'the Rudest Wedding Guest Ever' (Exclusive)

Caroline Stanbury takes issue with Chanel Ayan's attire at her wedding festivities on The Real Housewives of Dubai

In ET's exclusive sneak peek at 'The Real Housewives of Dubai,' Caroline Stanbury is shocked to find Chanel Ayan in a bridal-like look.

What better place for a catfight than the biggest sandbox of all, the Dubai desert? Viewers will find out if that holds true on The Real Housewives of Dubai's latest episode -- and ET has your exclusive first look!

The ladies gather in the desert for night one of Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo's wedding, a white-themed party. It's clear all guests were instructed to wear white, but with the understanding they would not attempt to upstage the bride. Color Caroline shocked then, as she and Sergio pull up to see Chanel Ayan in what looks to be a wedding dress.

"Chanel is in a wedding gown!" Caroline exclaims from the car. "She's literally got a wedding gown. She's got a f**king veil on her head."

Now reader, we must note, Chanel did not have on a veil. She did, however, have a long train on her dress, which she seemingly didn't realize could be read as bridal until she saw Caroline step out of her ride with a train of her own. "Oh my god, why do I have a train? She has a train," she blurts out, covering her face. 

"That has to be the biggest slap in the face any guest can do to a bride," Caroline then says in a confessional. "Anybody else, with any ounce of etiquette would understand that you don't go to a woman's wedding in a wedding dress."

As Caroline and Sergio approach the group -- Ayan, Lesa Milan and Sara al Madani -- Caroline shouts out to Ayan, "Did you come as me?!"  

"The lace, the train, the veil and the long, blonde wig... I look less bridal than her," Caroline huffs in a confessional. However -- again -- Ayan was not wearing a veil. 

"Possibly the rudest wedding guest ever," she then says to Ayan's face. 

"First of all, Caroline: I'm a Black, gorgeous woman," Ayan scoffs in a confessional of her own. "We do not look alike. Whatsoever. And I wore couture from Amato. She definitely wore Shein. You cannot compare or compete."  

Watch it play out here: 

Caroline and Ayan have been at odds all season long on The Real Housewives of Dubai, seemingly getting off on the wrong foot before cameras even entered their lives in the UAE. When ET spoke to the women ahead of the season premiere, they both hinted things will only get worse in the coming weeks -- especially as they were in the midst of a social media battle (along with Lesa) invoking the term "snake" and its corresponding emoji.

"She slithers, she slides around," Ayan explained of her reptilian jab toward Caroline.

"I feel like I've taken quite a lot from [Ayan and Lesa] over the past however long," Caroline declared. "And maybe now I've just decided I'm not going to take anymore and they don't like that. I'm very happy in my friend group, and I have a very strong connection to the other ladies. And I think at some point you have to say, 'Enough!' And when you do hear things about your husband, your work, your this, your that, I wonder, who is the snake?"

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