'RHODubai' Sneak Peek: Caroline Stanbury Orders Chanel Ayan to 'Shut Up' Mid-Conversation (Exclusive)

Caroline Stanbury tells Chanel Ayan to 'shut up' on The Real Housewives of Dubai

In ET's first look at the next episode of 'The Real Housewives of Dubai,' Chanel Ayan and Caroline Stanbury get into it... again!

It's a girls' getaway gone wrong on the next episode of The Real Housewives of Dubai, and ET has your exclusive first look!

The entire cast -- Caroline Stanbury, Chanel Ayan, Caroline Brooks, Sara al Madani, Lesa Milan and Nina Ali -- gathers for a late-night chat while on their group vacay. The clip picks up in the middle of the action, with a seemingly tipsy Caroline questioning whether Ayan's ever run her own business, to which Ayan takes offense.

"I may be funny, silly, jokes and stuff, but I have my own business," she fires back at her co-star. "I am very hustler [sic]. I can sell you, your shoes, to the whole planet." 

"I'm like an ant," she adds. "I'm everywhere. I do a lot. I just don't, 'Blah, blah, blah...'"

"Stanbury did not say anything wrong to Ayan, so where is all of this coming from?" Sara wonders in a confessional. "I think Ayan was triggered, but what triggered it? Like, how is this even productive right now?"

Ayan quickly explains the trigger point back at the table, telling Caroline that "this is the second time you've asked me what I do."

"I feel like I've explained [it] to you," she says. As fans know, Ayan works as a model, runs a modeling agency and is launching a makeup line. 

"I do a lot, girl," she continues rattling off in Caroline's direction. "I do a lot. I take care of my mom, I take care of my family. I've worked so hard to buy my mom a house, I've bought my own houses. I'm very smart."

"I'm very busy savvy," she adds, leaving a pause just long enough for Caroline to beg, "Chanel, you have to shut up." 

Watch it all play out here:

This duo's relationship has only gotten worse over the course of the season, having started on rocky ground before cameras started rolling. As Ayan explained to ET when she sat down for a mid-season check-in last month, she doesn't feel as if Caroline ever gave her a chance. 

"She's always looking for a problem towards me, with a husband," she expressed. "If she got to know me, she would understand that I'm just f**king fabulous."

"I mean, look at this gorgeous one is my best friend," she added, gesturing to Lesa, who joined her for the chat. "If I can get along with her, who's like a sexy businesswoman, a good mother, why can’t I get along with her? She just has issues that she needs to focus on herself, maybe take some therapy like me and water some plants to help her, yeah, 'cause she’s so fake." 

Ayan shared that she'd like to "establish some type of relationship at some point" with Caroline, but viewers will have to see if that happens. ET spoke with Ayan and Lesa just before filming the season 1 reunion, and it seemed they were going in guns blazing toward the former Ladies of London star.

"I feel like she needs the show more than anybody else and she would do anything for a little bit of publicity," Lesa quipped. "Definitely the thirstiest [on the cast]."

"Absolutely agree," Ayan said. "She is the thirstiest! She needs it more than us."

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.