'RHONJ': Jennifer Aydin Sparks Drama in Ireland After Calling Melissa Gorga an 'Obligation' for Teresa Giudice

Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin don't see eye to eye on Teresa Giudice's wedding drama on Bravo's The Real Housewives of New Jersey

In ET's exclusive sneak peek at the next episode of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey,' the girls' getaway to Ireland takes a turn.

The luck of the Irish is now with the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on their girls' getaway to Ireland. 

In ET's exclusive sneak peek at this week's all-new episode, the whole RHONJ crew is gathered at dinner on the Emerald Isle, just two weeks ahead of Teresa Giudice's wedding to Louie Ruelas. Naturally, the conversation quickly turns to the ins and outs of Teresa's big day, as Dolores Catania notes her longtime pal doesn't seem stressed out in the least in the lead-up to "I do." Then, Danielle Cabral asks Dolores and Jennifer Aydin if they're all set for bridesmaids duties, sparking some unanticipated drama.

"What made you decide to make Jen and Dolores bridesmaids? Like, what was the..." Jenn Fessler asks of Teresa, who says the women have been "a big supporter of Louie and I." 

"That means a lot to me," she says. "And then I'll be honest with you: I was, like, nervous! I was like, I didn't wanna ask them, 'cause I was like, ah! I didn't want, like, another problem with my brother."

Much of season 13 so far has centered around the strained relationship between Teresa and her brother, Joe Gorga, made worse by the fact that Teresa did not include his wife/her Housewives co-star, Melissa Gorga, in her bridal party. After some light feuding, Teresa ultimately offered Melissa a spot in the lineup, which Melissa declined, as the olive branch felt "inauthentic." Then came more drama, as Melissa and Joe voiced their disappointment in Teresa not extending a ceremony invite to Melissa's mom. The couples got into a heated sparring match at a backyard barbecue during a cast outing to the Jersey Shore, as Teresa claimed to have issues with how Melissa's mom and sisters treated her in the past, comments which did not sit well with Melissa and Joe. After a cooling-off period, both couples agreed to move on (over text) for the sake of their family relationship.

"Why would he make a big deal of it?" a now-confused Melissa asks Teresa. "You picked other friends, too."

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"I just didn't want to hear another thing, you know?" Teresa admits. "Like, about your mom. I swear if he woulda told me, I woulda been like, 'Oh my god, yes! Thank you for telling me! No problem.'"

"But when they asked you, you didn't say that," Melissa calls out. "You said, 'Oh, there's a history there...'"

"Like, back in the day," Teresa replies, brushing her hand in a backward motion which only seems to activate Melissa more.

"Right, so that's, you didn't forget her, you..." Melissa spouts back, as Teresa cuts her off to claim she never meant to exclude Melissa's mom, despite what she's said every time the subject's come up so far this season. After a little more back and forth between the sisters-in-law that leads nowhere, Jennifer Aydin jumps in to point out that Melissa's only invited to the wedding "through obligation," a word choice that sends shockwaves through the table.

"Obligation?!" Margaret Josephs exclaims. "Uh oh! Back that one up."

Viewers will have to tune in to see what unfolds next, but if it's any indication of where things go from here, Jenn Fessler told ET the trip is a "total bloodbath" -- and that's all before Teresa and Melissa's finale party falling out that led Melissa and Joe to skip Teresa's nuptials altogether.

"We laughed our way through Ireland, and we screamed our way through Ireland," she teased. "I mean ... it gets very ugly and dramatic."

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.