Rick Moranis Is Back and Starring in a Commercial With Ryan Reynolds: Watch

Rick Moranis Ryan Reynolds
Mint Mobile

It took A-list actor Ryan Reynolds to get Rick Moranis back in the spotlight. 

The Deadpool star posted a commercial he did for Mint Mobile that features the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids actor, who went on hiatus from acting after the death of his wife, Ann, in 1991.

In the ad, Reynolds compares a long-awaited phone plan to fans anticipating Moranis' return to Hollywood. When the 67-year-old actor shows up in the mint field, he asks Reynolds what he wants him to say for the commercial.

When the 43-year-old actor explains that he doesn't need to say anything, Moranis replies, "Sounds good. I really gotta get a phone. So, why am I here?"

Reynolds sheepishly responds, "I'm just a huge fan. ...No, seriously, massive."

While Reynolds fanboys over his commercial co-star, Moranis gives a confused look to the camera and walks out of frame.

While this is one of his first major acting gigs since his hiatus, Moranis will be returning to the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids franchise for Disney's upcoming Shrunk reboot.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Joe Johnston-directed movie will star Josh Gad as the son of Moranis' character, Wayne Szalinski. The outlet also reports that David Hoberman is producing the reboot, with Todd Rosenberg writing the script.


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