Rihanna 'Hasn't Wavered' in Her Trust of A$AP Rocky, Source Says

After false cheating rumors and A$AP Rocky's arrest, Rihanna is standing by her man without hesitation.

Rihanna found love -- and it's staying. The pregnant mogul's boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, has continued to make headlines, most recently after he was arrested on April 20 for assault with a deadly weapon (firearm) in connection with a November 2021 shooting, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed. He was released on $550,000 bail.

Rocky's arrest came less than a week after shoe designer Amina Muaddi -- who worked on a FENTY footwear collaboration -- shot down rumors circulating that the rapper had cheated on Rihanna with her. 

"I’ve always believed that an unfounded lie spread on social media doesn’t deserve any response or clarification, especially one that is so vile," Muaddi tweeted. "I initially assumed that this fake gossip – fabricated with such malicious intent – would not be taken seriously. However in the last 24h I’ve been reminded that we live in a society that is so quick to speak on topics regardless of factual basis and that nothing is off limits."

So how are things between the parents-to-be? A source said there was no question or hesitation that Rihanna would stand by A$AP Rocky. "When she's in love with someone," the source told ET, "she'll do anything for them."

When it comes to her commitment and trust of him, "Rihanna hasn't wavered," the source noted. "She loves him," the source said. "He's family."

However, an arrest was not on their radar. "This arrest was not something they saw coming," a source previously told ET. 

"This drama is the last thing Rihanna needs right now," that source shared. "She wants to be mellow, relaxed, and focused 100 percent on the arrival of her baby -- not stressing out!" 

Still, she's by her man's side -- as was the case on Saturday, when they were photographed out for dinner at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California, arm in arm. 



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