Rob Lowe Shares On-Set Stories From 'Austin Powers' and 'Wayne's World' (Exclusive)

The actor is reuniting with some of the 'Austin Powers' cast for a Super Bowl ad.

Rob Lowe is looking back on some of his biggest projects. The 57-year-old actor shared memories about the making of Wayne's World and Austin Powers in Goldmember while speaking with ET's Matt Cohen.

Lowe stars as Benjamin Kane in Wayne's World, and the actor told ET that he had to make a major sacrifice to be a part of the flick, which will celebrate its 30-year anniversary later this month.

"I get a phone call from [producer] Lorne Michaels. He says, 'I need you to come to this dinner with the studio to talk about Wayne's World,'" Lowe recalled. "And I said, 'Lorne, I am getting married right now. I am in my tuxedo. I am on my way to the venue.' So then he said, 'Oh, so you coming for dessert is out of the question?'"

Lowe ended up tying the knot with Sheryl Berkoff, but their 1991 honeymoon turned out to be short lived.

"I got a fax when I arrived at my honeymoon, and then I got faxed from Paramount saying my deal had closed on Wayne's World, and I needed to come home immediately," Lowe said. "I never went on my honeymoon because I came back and shot Wayne's World."

A decade later, Lowe starred in the Austin Powers flick as Number 2, and was thrilled to witness Mike Myers at work.

"My number one memory of that was watching Mike as Dr. Evil and as Fat Bastard. It was like I was a kid," Lowe said. "... When Mike ad-libbed 'Get in my belly,' I was right there. I'll never forget it as long as I'll live. 'I want my baby back, baby back, baby back.' And then the rap that Dr. Evil does with Mini-Me."

"For a person who loves comedy like I do... to watch someone like Mike just channeling and crushing like that, forget being the actor in it, just being a fan of seeing genius like that," he added. "That's why we still talk about it... those characters are iconic."

So iconic, in fact, that GM reunited Lowe and Myers, as well as their Austin Powers co-stars, Seth Green and Mindy Sterling, for a Super Bowl ad, which hopes to inspire fans to join them in creating an all-electric, zero emissions future by driving an electric vehicle.

"Reuniting the Dr. Evil group, it just makes you smile and laugh," Lowe said of the spot. "I get starstruck around Dr. Evil. I do like Mike and we have known each other for 25, 30 years, but when he's Dr. Evil, I'm totally giddy. I just can't get enough of it. When GM had this idea to bring us back I was like, 'Uh, yeah. I will be there.'"

Lowe won't catch his commercial on TV during the big game, as he'll be at Los Angeles' SoFi Stadium in person to cheer on the Rams as they take on the Cincinnati Bengals.

"My favorite NFL player, [Cincinnati quarterback] Joe Burrow, is on the other side, so no matter what, I'm gonna have a good game," Lowe said. "I want the Rams to win and I want Joe to pass for, like, 500 yards and four touchdowns."

As for what he'll be chowing down on during the big game, Lowe is looking forward to partaking in Atkins' new cool ranch chips.

"My peeps at Atkins created chips for me. Cool ranch, of course," Lowe said of the brand, for which he's a spokesperson. "So I got a little secret weapon that I can have cool ranch [chips] and not be cheating... A healthy chip is a game changer because that is traditionally where I would be cheating."

When the big game wraps, Lowe will turn his attention back to his work, including his TV show, 9-1-1: Lone Star, and his two podcasts, Parks and Recollections and Literally! With Rob Lowe.

On the latter podcast, Lowe told ET that he's "having the best time ever" as he gets to "nerd out and be a fan" as he interviews fellow A-listers. While he's interviewed many stars, Lowe said he still has his eye on Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen, Robert Redford, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Downey Jr. 

"We went to high school together, so come on, Iron Man! Remember freshman year, Santa Monica high school," Lowe quipped of Downey Jr. "That is the fun of doing the podcast, going back into time with people like that."

In his personal life, Lowe is just as happy, something he credits to growth, experience, and age.

"I'm blessed with a great marriage. Sheryl and I have been married now 30, it'll be 31, years. My crazy, lovely Sheryl. The boys are happy, healthy, doing well," Lowe said of their sons, Matthew, 29, and John Owen, 27. "I've never been busier on so many [things]... I'm very curious. I love to work and I love to create. I'd like to leave a legacy. Turns out that this is the time of my life right now, and I'm very cognizant of being grateful for that."

Tune in to Thursday's episode of Entertainment Tonight for more of ET's interview with Lowe.



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