Rob Lowe Slams Bella Thorne's Tweet About Santa Barbara Traffic Following Fatal Mudslides

Bella Thorne
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Thorne complained about missing her boyfriend's tour as area rescuers searched for survivors of deadly mudslides.

Rob Lowe took to Instagram on Thursday to slam Bella Thorne for complaining about the closure of the 101 freeway near Santa Barbara, California, due to deadly mudslides.

"F*** u 101 to santa barbra[sic]." the starlet tweeted on Wednesday. "I'm missing my boyfriends[sic] first date on his tour:((("

Lowe grabbed a screenshot of the tweet and took to Instagram to respond.

"This attitude is why people hate celebrities/Hollywood. Bella, I’m sorry you were inconvenienced," Lowe chided. "We will try to move out our dead quicker."

Up to 43 people were still missing in Montecito Thursday evening and at least 17 people were killed when heavy rains caused rivers of mud and debris to wash away cars and homes in the area, which was recently ravaged by wildfires. Emergency crews continue to search the area for those who couldn't escape the deadly mudslides.

The mudslides also washed away large stretches of the 101 freeway, which serves as the main freeway between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

Thorne, perhaps realizing her gaffe, deleted the tweet. Her follow-up tweet didn't include an apology, but did acknowledge the mudslides.

"F*** just caught up on some news had no idea why the 101 was shut down...get home to your family safe ❤️," she tweeted.