Robert Downey Jr. on Son Exton Being a 'Scene Stealer' in New Docuseries 'Downey's Dream Cars' (Exclusive)

The actor opened up to ET at the premiere of his new series at the Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A.

A little charmer! Robert Downey Jr.'s son, Exton, is featured in the trailer for his new docuseries and really leaves an impression.

The celebrated actor walked the red carpet -- alongside his wife and co-executive producer, Susan Downey -- at the premiere of Downey's Dream Cars at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles over the weekend, and the pair spoke with ET's Kevin Frazier about their 11-year-old son's adorable cameo in the show's trailer.

"He tried to remove that button from the trailer, just for the record," Susan shared, "and I'm like, 'Trust me, it works.'"

"He's a scene stealer," Robert admitted. "But, you know, that's cause we gave him the button [at the end of the trailer] in the cut, you know? We edited it for him to win."

As for the show itself, Downey's Dream Cars follows the Marvel star as he spearheads the overhaul of some of the most prized cars in his collection into more eco-friendly vehicles.

Robert spoke with ET about how the show came to be, and he explained, "Honestly, I looked around and I had this car collection, and I [realized] it just didn’t really jive with this new direction I think a lot of us took during the pandemic... [there was] just more time to think about really how we impact everything. Because, obviously, you know, with all the climate crisis that is going on, weather patterns."

"It was also just a way to do something that I thought was entertaining," he added. "Because I love car shows, generally speaking, so I thought, 'I haven't seen them like this.'"

"I was actually happy that he was taking a moment, like he said, to reflect on his car collection that he had amassed," Susan added. "It all looked really pretty but I was terrified to drive in most of them, to be honest with you."

"She wanted me out of the house, and she wanted them out of the driveway," Robert quipped "There it is."

Downey's Dream Cars begins streaming on June 22 on Max.