Robin Roberts Planning 2023 Wedding With Longtime Partner Amber Laign

Robin Roberts and Amber Laign
Rob Kim/WireImage

Roberts revealed the happy news on Instagram Monday.

Robin Roberts is kicking 2023 off with a big announcement!

The Good Morning America host took to Instagram Monday to share a clip from a conversation with motivational speaker and author Gabby Bernstein, where she revealed that she's planning a wedding to her longtime partner, Amber Laign.

"I'm hesitating because I haven't said it out loud yet... I'm saying 'yes' to marriage," Roberts said. "We're getting married this year."

She continued, "It was something we had talked about, but we had put it off, she became ill but, it is saying yes to that, and that next chapter."

The post was met with lots of love in the comments, with tennis star, Billie Jean King writing, "So happy for you and Amber! Sending all our love your way," and Loni Love commenting, "Come through!!!!! Congratulations.. I'll be the flower girl!!!!"

Roberts, who has been with Laign since 2005, first shared that her partner had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021 and struggled with chemotherapy complications in April. 

In July, she took to Instagram on Monday to celebrate the end of her Laign's radiation treatment.

"Sweet Amber," Roberts wrote beneath a video of Laign ringing the hospital’s bell. "Completing radiation, a very important phase of her treatment! We both thank you for all your well wishes and prayers. Proud of her and all fellow Thrivers for your grit and grace during a challenging time."

In the video, Laign holds the bell's rope and says, "My treatment is done, the course is run, and I am on my way!" She finishes with a celebratory dance, and Roberts concluded her post by writing, "This is indeed my #mondaymotivation🙏🏾."

Speaking to ET in April, Roberts talked about Laign's cancer journey and her own, after previously battling breast cancer as well as myelodysplastic syndrome.

"She's had some complications with the chemotherapy," Roberts explained. "They’re working it out. We’re gonna figure it out. The prognosis is still very good."

She continued, "I’m just thankful that her spirits have been lifted. Recently it was a little tough there when -- because she just wanted to get through it and to have this wrench thrown in our way -- but I was able to tell her, as most people [who] have gone through cancer, this happens."

"There are peaks and valleys," Roberts added, "and we went through a valley but it's more of a peak right now and I'm just very grateful for all the love and support that she’s receiving."

Roberts and Laign have a long history of supporting one another through those valleys. When she announced the diagnosis in February, Roberts told her GMA audience, "She and I have been together almost 17 years and have helped each other through our challenges, like my journey with cancer. It's my turn now, to be there for her as she was for me." 

See more on Roberts in the video below.