Rose McGowan Speaks Out on Harvey Weinstein, Urges Entire Weinstein Co. Board to Resign

'The Sound' actress believes 'men in Hollywood need to change ASAP' in wake of the alleged sexual harassment by the Hollywood producer.

Rose McGowan is speaking out on Harvey Weinstein.

The high-powered studio mogul was ousted by his own company, The Weinstein Company, on Sunday, following allegations that he sexually harassed numerous women in a piece published by The New York Times last week. Now, The Sound star is opening up about why "men in Hollywood need to change ASAP" in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"Hollywood's power is dying because society has changed and grown, and yet Hollywood male behavior has not," says McGowan, who worked with Weinstein on the 1996 Miramax film Scream. "It is so not a good look. In the way cooler than Hollywood world I live and work in, I am actually embarrassed to be associated with it."

"The men of Hollywood need to know they own no woman," she continues. "The days of Entourage-like behavior and thinking is as dated as your largely bro nature."

McGowan believes the next step is to take action.

"I'm calling on the board to resign effective immediately," she exclaims. "And for other men to stop other men when they are being disgusting. And for the women in Hollywood, free your minds. There are no 'rules' you have to play by. We affect the world's mind because we are creating and disseminating thought propaganda. There is a great responsibility to be better than you have to be. Stand for women. Stand for truth. Stop hurting us. Rise."

Her efforts didn't stop there, however. Following the release of the THR interview, McGowan has been active on Twitter, urging all members of the Weinstein Co. board to resign. See a few of her tweets below:

As ET previously reported, McGowan was one of the women who was named in the NYT article. The piece claims Weinstein has allegedly reached eight previously undisclosed settlements with women from 1990-2015, including McGowan in 1997 "after an episode in a hotel room."

Weinstein's lawyer, Charles J. Harder, denied the allegations, releasing the following statement to ET:

"The New York Times published today a story that is saturated with false and defamatory statements about Harvey Weinstein. It relies on mostly hearsay accounts and a faulty report, apparently stolen from an employee personnel file, which has been debunked by nine different eyewitnesses.  We sent the Times the facts and evidence, but they ignored it and rushed to publish. We are preparing the lawsuit now. All proceeds will be donated to women’s organizations."

The NYT, however, is standing by the information in their story.

"We are confident in the accuracy of our reporting," a spokesperson from the outlet tells ET. "Mr. Weinstein was aware and able to respond to specific allegations in our story before publication. In fact, we published his response in full."

McGowan declined to comment when the NYT reached out to her regarding the alleged $100,000 settlement. ET has also reached out to McGowan for comment.

Just last month, she spoke to ET about her latest film, The Sound, and the advice she'd give her younger self about being in the industry.

"Watch out! Watch out for the predator," McGowan said. "Watch out for those that would lie to you, watch out for those that would hurt you."

Hear more in the video below.