'Roseanne' Revival Cast Gets Together For First Table Read -- See the Pic!

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The cast was all smiles while reading through the first episode, appropriately titled 'Twenty Years of Life.'

The Roseanne revival is almost here!

The cast of the upcoming series reunited for their first table read of the season on Tuesday, just in time for the 29th anniversary of the show's original premiere on Oct. 18, 1988. The series ran for nine years until 1997, so it's fitting that the first episode of the revival is titled "Twenty Years of Life." 

Returning cast members Laurie Metcalf, Roseanne Barr, Michael Fishman, Sarah Chalke, Lecy Goranson, John Goodman and Sarah Gilbert were all smiles at the table read, as they were joined by director John Pasquin, executive producers Bruce Helford, Tony Hernandez and Whitney Cummings and co-executive producer Sid Youngers. Barr and Gilbert also serve as executive producers.

Additions to the cast include Jayden Rey, Ames McNamara (Darlene and David's son, Mark) and Emma Kenney (Darlene and David's daughter, Harris).

As for whether David himself, Johnny Galecki, will make his grand return, Gilbert told ET last month that ABC was in "productive talks" with the Big Bang Theory star. 

"We're in very productive, amazing talks and we're hopeful that it will work out," she said, before revealing that the revival was finally starting to feel "real." 

"It's great. We're in pre-production, writers are writing," Gilbert said. "They're doing an amazing job and sets are about to start being built and it's getting real."

The eight-episode Roseanne revival premieres on ABC in 2018.