'Roseanne' Star Emma Kenney Talks About Her 'Uncanny' Similarities To Darlene (Exclusive)

Emma Kenney
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The young 'Shameless' actress said that she and on-screen mom Sara Gilbert have some uncanny similarities.

Like mother, like daughter?

Roseanne star Emma Kenney tells ET that she has a spooky resemblance to her on-screen mother, Sara Gilbert. In an interview with ET's Nischelle Turner, the 18-year-old Shameless actress says that aside from the physical resemblance, they have some similar mannerisms as well.

"It's so cool! And I love it. It's like, it's insane how uncanny our resemblance is," she told ET. "Not only do we look the same but I remember -- I noticed it at the first table read and every table read. I told her this at the premiere actually a few weeks ago that everybody else was holding a script on the table just flat and Sara and I were both holding it folded over, so we were the only ones holding it... I thought that was very interesting."

Kenney plays 16-year-old Harris on the show, Darlene's daughter and Roseanne's granddaughter.

"I created a whole backstory to her before. I created her life living in Chicago -- in my mind in Chicago -- just so I could have that and now she's living in the suburbs of Illinois with her grandparents and her family and she's 16 years old and she doesn't want that so she's expressing it in a negative angry, teenage, bratty way," she said. "But we end up seeing a lot more heart to the character. It's not just like she's like that. "

She said that she appreciates the iconic place that the original Roseanne series has in pop culture, even if she didn't religiously watch the reruns while growing up. And while she acknowledged that the new iteration of the show has been heavily criticized, she said that the show offers a realistic portrayal of many families today.

"I think that the Connor family is a family that many many people can relate. Not every single family member is going to agree with the same political beliefs, food tastes, they're not gonna... somebody's gonna want Chinese, somebody's gonna want pizza for dinner, you know what I mean?" Kenney said. "There's always going to be family battles and I think the show has so much more than all the media hype... It brings so much love and we talk about so many concepts and so many things going on in 2018 other than politics."

For more on the Roseanne revival, watch the video below.