WATCH: Wedding Guard Gets a Royal Tongue Lashing


ET night vision cameras catch a royal commander reprimanding a guard for not having his weapon loaded and ready as London gears up for Britain's Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The officer makes it clear to the soldier that there is no excuse for being unprepared as security is tightened in all areas around central London where Friday's ceremony will take place. "What are you missing and why? You're missing something, aren't you?" the officer asks the surprised soldier, who continues standing at attention but does not immediately answer.

The commander then directly addresses the missing equipment: "Where's your magazine?" The solider then admits his mistake, telling his superior the equipment is still in his pocket. "Get it out, put it on," the officer orders sternly. He then watches intently as the guard removes the magazine from his pocket and properly loads his gun.

Watch the video to see what other commanders do to literally keep their soldiers in line and to get a sneak peek of elite guards during their grand dress rehearsal for the Royal Wedding!