William and Kate's Honeymoon Secrets


Why did William and Kate delay their honeymoon? Where will they go? Who made fun of William's "balding pate"? Royal correspondent Katie Nicholl delivers the goods to our Nancy O'Dell in London.

"They deserve a break, but actually it's back to work for Prince William," Nicholl tells Nancy. "Of course, it's still a secret where they're going. … This is, after the dress, I think the best-kept secret of the wedding. Jordan has been reported, Mustique has been reported, the Caribbean, Africa even. The truth is we don't know, and I bet my bottom dollar that Prince William has probably got all of those places and they'll decide right at the last minute."

Nicholl reveals that the bride and groom have nicknamed each other "Billy" and "Baby," and that Buckingham Palace rocked until the wee hours on their wedding night.

"We knew that this was going to be a party that rocked the palace," explains Nicholl. "There was a nightclub inside, the music continued into the early hours, the frocks were fabulous, the speeches were great. ... Prince Harry really got the biggest cheer of the night. He was the best man, and he delivered a best man's speech. There was plenty of ribbing about Prince William's balding pate, but also a very, very moving tribute, which had Kate in tears of happiness, because Harry said Kate was the sister that he never had."

Watch the video for more insider secrets from the royal wedding -- including a report that Prince Harry was dancing on the tables!